San Nae Deul at Nexus Bangsar South

Korean eateries have burgeoned ever since K-wave hit Malaysia like a pandemic. Guilty as charged, I was once utterly obsessed with Korean celebrities. I would always dine in Korean Restaurants and yes, I even imitated the way they eat. LOL. But that did not last long because Korean food generally costs a bomb! I do enjoy eating spicy and salty Korean food, but I am constantly petrified by the hefty bill that came afterwards. 

If you are like me!!! Rejoice as I have an absolute good deal at the end of this post! 
Read on to find out how you can EAT ALL YOU CAN by paying only RM34 FLAT! 

San Nae Deul has been operating in Nexus Bangsar South for over 4 years now, and it has gained substantial popularity over the years. However, about 4 months ago, it was taken over by Mr. Song aged 51, who had just retired from the military services and decided to go back to where he belongs- the kitchen. 

I kid you not, Mr. Song is constantly working in the kitchen to provide authentic home-cooked korean food in this fast-growing business hub of Bangsar South. Unlike other San Nae Deul branches which have scattered around the state, this branch in Nexus Bangsar South only serves buffet! Mr. Song wants to offer the public a place where the locals and migrated Koreans are able to enjoy wide arrays of  authentic Korean food at a reasonable price. Which is why he insisted to offer only buffet style so that customers can indulge themselves without worrying that it might burn a hole in their pocket.

 Follow me to a meat-filled Korean bbq experience!

 Mr. Song and his wife, both Koreans! 

 The interior of this restaurant is absolutely spacious! It allows diners to move around easily while making frequent trips to the buffet spread. 

I adore how they have used abundant of bamboos to add a touch of green around the restaurant! 

 If you like to eat like a true-blue Korean, snag yourselves a cubicle like this! 

 Shouldn't we all just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of having such wide walkway?

 If you are dining in a big group or want to have privacy with your family and friends, they have a handful of private rooms too! 

At the BBQ section, there are a total of 8 different choices of meat to choose from – chicken, pork, beef and squid. To kill time while waiting for the meat to be cooked, or if you're like me, a lazy cooker, head down to the buffet line and enjoy over 40 different cooked side dishes such as fried chicken, soups, bibimbap, varieties of kimchi, pancakes and many more. On top of BBQ buffet, San Nae Deul is also offering Teppanyaki too. For a fixed price, you can fill a plate with as much varieties of food as you want.

 Marinated meat, added different tastes to the fresh and tender meat! 

 Look at all the home cooked dishes! 
I must say, I somehow preferred Mr. Song's cooking over any other Korean Restaurants because it wasn't too overwhelmingly spicy or salty-  
of which both can be too overpowering and take away the deliciousness of the food.

 One of my all time favourite Korean sides, PANCAKE; which are always priced at a crazy amount in normal Korean Restaurant, I took the advantage and gobbled down as much as I could. LOL. They were super good!!!

 Customers can customise their own bibimbap too!! So cute! 

 The beverage and desserts counter! 
Choose from Lemonade, Orange Juice or green tea from the cold drinks dispenser, 
or get yourselves a warm cuppa from the water boiler at the right! 

Pastries and super amazing sugee cake were also served, should you needed a little sweet treat! 
Ohhhh! And free flow of ice cream at the far left. 

 Several types of fruits were also served! 
D loves their apple! 
He said it was crispy and sweet! 

 Plus point: For hygiene purposes, tracing papers were used to line the grill! Once the paper gets dirty, just inform one of the waiters there and they will change the paper immediately. Super hygienic! 

Here is a tip of eating grilled meat in the Korean ways from Mr. Song!

Take a piece of lettuce, place the grilled meat on top of it, add a clover of garlic and a piece of onion and topped it off with a tiny bit of the home-made sauce. Roll the lettuce up, fit the whole thing into the mouth, and enjoy while the food take you to paradise! :D

If you want to spice things up a little more, add a piece of kimchi in place of the home-made sauce!

This is how you get to enjoy the same food with two radically different tastes!

Thanks Mr. Song for such an amazing lunch! I was so stuffed!

 That was me having a food coma moment. LOL.

If you have been a big Korean food lover, San Nae Deul at Nexus Bangsar South is definitely not to be missed. Indulge yourself with unlimited Korean BBQ and other Korean delicacies for 2 hours at San Nae Deul in Nexus Bangsar South!

San Nae Deul at Nexus Bangsar South

Address: Unit 1-3 & 1-4. Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South, No 7, Jalan Kelinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact no:  03-22422373
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm

GREAT NEWS TO ALL MY READER!!!!  Present the voucher artwork below to counter when making payment to enjoy discounted price. 

Food Ink Weekday promotion:

RM34 (lunch) normal price RM58.30
RM39 (dinner) normal price RM64.10

Food Ink Weekend promotion:

RM37 (lunch) normal price RM58.30
RM42 (dinner) normal price RM64.10

All inclusive of service charge and GST

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