Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

An exciting catch up between my BFF and I, as well as D and his good friend, turned into an impromptu dessert tasting session! 

It's crazy how I have changed! I used to love sweet food and I'd always order a dessert at the end of every meal. But ever since I found out how detrimental sugar is to our SKIN and health (obviously), I've been shunning away from sugar! And that's the reason why I haven't been here before, even though it is the most heated topic in town!

Every time anyone speaks about Haraju-Cube, it is always associated with long queue. I myself had also witnessed long queue in action when I passed by this cafe last week. 
By chance, we have found out that dropping by around 3pm on a Sunday couldn't have been a better timing. We were given a table in less than 10 minutes, as soon as the table was cleaned. 

 All the food and beverages offered are spread into one huge sheet, alongside with their corresponding picture. I must say, the food they serve is very true to picture! 

 Haven't seen my BFF for ages! I was so glad that we get to catch up although it was a rather short one! 

 And of course, I had to have my one and only D by my side! <3

 I love how the interior of this place uses white colour and wooden element which reminds me a lot of scandinavian home deisgn (my fav!). The whole place looks really crisp and clean!

Just like any other cafe, the interior is not the most spacious, but it exudes a laid back and cosy ambiance. Diners who visited this place were really casual too! If there is one bad thing I have to say about this place, it was the fact that it could get a little noisy when the place is full house.

This place offers not only the preferrable sweet dessert-y toast, they do serve salty and savoury ones like Ham and Cheese Sliced Toast etc. We were spoilt with choices! It was really challenging to pick only 1 that would fit everybody's appetite.

Ultimately, we have all decided to play safe (and boring), and went with the universal favourite flavour.......

 The limited time only chocolate toast - kuro choco toast! 
I have never tried Japanese Honey Toast before, neither had I read anything about it before, 
so it was really fun cutting open the toast and see what's inside! 
We were all surprised to see that there were mini cube-sized toasts underneath! 
Those mini cube-sized toasts were really good! 
I'd say those cubes were the highlight of the whole dessert! 
Toasted with 100% French butter, the aromatic and buttery, almost cookie-ish taste was really appetising!
I love it when it's eaten with a bit of chocolate ice cream and just a tad of whipped cream! 
The small brown coloured cubes you see hanging outside of the toast, lol, 
were chocolates! 
I could taste raw cocoa, but it has definitely been sweetened.
Every toast was served with a bottle of honey, which we have duly neglected. lol. 

All in all, I think their toast was really amazing! I could eat 10 of the mini cubes! It is perfect for dessert lovers who have gotten bored with the usual cakes and ice cream. 
I would definitely revisit them and this time I am so going to try their strawberry, their best selling product! 

HarajuCube Empire Damansara
Address: 103 Level 1, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/8, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-7733 5973

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