Scalp Treatment at Svenson Hair Care Centre

Established since 1956, Svenson is renowned for its expertise in scalp and hair care. Started off with a single shop in London, UK, this hair care centre which is undoubtedly the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, has bloomed and mushroomed all over the world within half century. 

I felt like the luckiest person when I received an invitation to try out their one-off treatment. But what really excited me was that I got to consult the knowledgeable trichologist who has flown in all the way from UK. 

Let me present you the trichologist I was meeting, Deborah Whelan from Ireland. 
Her 24 years of experience in trichology has made her a member of the institute of trichologists (MIT). 

It was definitely an eye-opening experience as I had learnt so much about hair care that I didn't know before. And what's even better was that, loads of myths revolving hair care that is floating around had been busted by the trichologist. 

Here are some of the tips from Deborah that I'd like to share with you guys: 

1. Hair wash should be done everyday just like how our face and our body needed a cleanse after a long day. 
2. Shampoo is for the scalp and not so much for the hair! Make sure to focus on cleaning the scalp.
3. Lather up the shampoo before placing them on our scalp, and we should only massage with our finger tips but not scratching with our fingers. 
4. Hair conditioner should avoid touching the scalp at all costs and damp hair hindered proper absorption of hair conditioner.
5. Dandruff is not a disease, it is a symptom of your scalp problems. Dandruff can appear on both dry scalp and oily scalp head. Dry scalp dandruffs are more fine and easily falls off onto your shoulder while oily scalp dandruffs tends to be yellowish, big flakes and sticks onto the hair.
6. Hair drying should be focused on the scalp. Direct heat to the scalp is not recommended at all, instead hold the hair dryer about 6 inches away from your head and start working patches of your scalps in all different direction. 

It was also through the consultation session that I have learnt that my scalp is oily and relatively sensitive. I had been getting dandruffs every now and then for the past 3 months or so and I'd been dying to find out what causes that. Thankfully I then learnt that improper washing had caused my scalp to be slightly inflamed and dirt had been collecting on my scalp, especially at the root of my hair, as I tend to wash my hair on alternate days. 

After discussing with the therapist in the centre, I was happy to learn Svenson does not promote hair treatment packages just for the sake of making profit. They personalise each and every treatment to cater to their customers' need, at the same time considering customers' budget constraint. Very thoughtful. 

Besides providing treatment to problem scalp and hair, they also provide hair weaving services to customers who needed it. Now anyone can get their hair back with the most hassle-free method! 
 Weave from Svenson is personalised and custom made in the USA using 100% natural human hair which blends seamlessly with our natural hair. It could be either stuck or sewn to the scalp without being too heavy or overwhelming, thereby allowing the scalp to breathe. 

Svenson has again shown us how much they care for their customer as I was told that customers who are reluctant to be seen at their less-confident state would be accommodated in private room! 

They sterilize all the hair accessories here in Svenson to ensure everything they use on your hair is clean and germ free.

Look at all the happy faces who have gotten themselves personalised hair treatment. 

We were all allowed to get our hair treatment at any time, at any of our preferred outlet. I have therefore decided to make an appointment at Svenson USJ, just two days after my consultation because I know how badly my hair needed 'spring cleaning'! HAHAHA!

Svenson USJ is conveniently located at Taipan, but the quieter side of Taipan. That's a plus point as we don't have to be pulling our hair off just to get a parking spot for hair treatment (LOL BAD PUN).

My scalp was being checked again by the local trichologist, Amy. She was patient and absolutely friendly. 

 Just like any treatment we are getting, we would be required to answer a series of questionnaire. 

 After learning about our lifestyle and hair care routine, Amy proceeded with scalp analysis. 

 This was me feeling all guilty why haven't I paid any attention to my scalp prior to this, as my hair is one of the things that gave me confidence. I can't believe how much I've taken it for granted all my life. 

 The device was disinfect before any examination was done to ensure perfect hygiene. 

 The examination was divided into two, gross and microscopic. 
My hair was flipped layer by layer all around my head to look at my scalp condition. 
Amy was appalled at how flaky my scalp was getting, and how congested my hair follicles are. 
I was, of course, mortified by the fact that despite having nicely done hair all the time, have the ugliest scalp one could ever imagined. 

 Microscopic examination verified what was deduced by Amy through gross examination. 
That on the laptop screen was a good example of clogged hair follicle! 

 Amy then patiently explained to me what was happening in my hair follicle and what kind of treatment would suit me the best! I was also told that should I neglect my scalp condition any longer, I will be faced with balding sooner than later! 

 These serums which cost about RM280 per bottle is my life saviour. 

 Amy has also given me a much needed complimentary detox mask to ensure better absorption of the mask at the end of the treatment. 

Then I was brought to their treatment area! 
I love how the seats were separated so we could get the maximum privacy we need.

We were also served with our desire beverages. How thoughtful! 
I opted for green tea! 

 In less than 10 minutes, my designated therapist Mavis commenced my treatment session. 
Detox mask was applied on the scalp all over my head with gentle and light swabbing using cotton bud. I love the instant cooling effect the mask gave. 

 Once application was completed, Mavis massaged my scalp to make sure the hair mask was evenly distributed as well as enhanced absorption. 

The mask was left on about 10-15 minutes, and my hair was shampooed. Mavis was really patient as she did not forget to educate me on the proper way of hair washing. According to her, my hair length and thickness is most suited for washing them twice each time, with the first time focusing on massaging the scalp entirely, whereas the second time washing the scalp and all the rest of the hair. 
I was slightly surprised when Mavis rinsed off my conditioner right after application. She then told me that hair conditioner need not to be left on hair for extended time. It should be washed off after it is well distributed to each strands of the hair. 

My hair was then blow-dried with the gentlest heat setting ever! I was surprised by how quickly my hair was able to dry up despite the low heat. She said the secret lies in constant movement with the wind directing at the scalp of the sectioned hair. Within minutes, voila! Hair was all dried up! 

 Treatment was then proceeded with high frequency cleaning. 
Where a device that produces high frequency vibration is placed and move across the scalp to clean the roots of the hair thoroughly. 
To my utter consternation, it almost felt like nothing at all! And I even find the buzzing sound rather addictive. LOL. 

My hair was then wrapped with towel for oxygen cleaning therapy (OJT)! I was super excited for this because one of the loyal customer of Svenson told us that this was the best treatment ever and if he had to recommend only on treatment to everyone, this would be the one! 

 This process uses saline water with high pressure to cleanse the scalp. It forces out all the impurities at dirt that has happily call my scalp their home. This process was surprisingly fun and comfortable! Instead of feeling painful, it was actually really cooling and gentle on the scalp. When the therapist tried on my hand, it felt just like water is sprinkled onto my hand with really fine mist. 

 Mavis was super thoughtful! As soon as she noticed water dripped down to my made up face, she would wipe them off with a towel, without smudging my make up! So touched. T_T

 Right after OJT, my hair was blow-dried once again and ended with the corrective serum! 
I was advised to leave the serum on for 8 hours to maximise the results. 

 Massage time again! And this time it was so much longer and better! 
I kept telling Mavis it was too comfortable I might fall asleep any time. 

 The final equipment that aids absorption of the serum applied and gives me shiny and lustrous hair! 

As Mavis was blow drying my hair one last time before leaving, I asked her if they could set my hair for me and Mavis gladly said yes! 

She used a leave-in conditioner prior to any heat introduction to my hair, and then she started curling my hair in sections! 

 I told her I would like to keep my hair till evening as I was attending a friend's wedding, 
she then used the gentlest hair setting spray on me! 
To my utter consternation, my hair remained lively, smooth and bouncy with the hair spray applied, it felt as if my hair hadn't been applied anything, but the lasting effect was so amazing! My hair remained nicely curled the next day without any white cast on my hair! 
I am so going back to Svenson for that hair spray!!! 

After the treatment, my hair is significantly lighter, and my scalp is perceptibly clean and smooth! My dandruff is no where to be seen, even after 3 days of treatment. I am really surprised by how much of a difference it had made to my scalp with merely one treatment. I could only imagine envied-lustrous locks if I were to proceed with more treatments to completely eradicate all the horror that is in my scalp. 

Svenson Subang Jaya
Address: Lot 10-1, Jalan USJ 9/5T,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-8023 3737

Mon-Fri: 10.00am - 8.00pm
Sat: 10.00am - 4.00pm

For more information of Svenson, please check out their 


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  3. I had my scalp corrective treatment at Svenson. I really love how it made my hair cleaner and healthier. Svenson hair care centre is really the best place for hairloss problems. World-class service. Value for money.


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