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I started picking up interests for Orchestra since last year and D had known it all along. He once asked me out for an Orchestra show before we were together, alas, his kindness was returned with the harshest rejection. LOL! So it was one of his dreams to catch one with me, and of course, it was mine too to watch one with him.  

We got our hands on a pair of tickets for our 7th Months celebration, and that was why we went all out for a nice dinner, and an amazing show afterwards. 

KLCC is a great mall, but it lacks fascinating F&B outlets. So it wasn't all that challenging to narrow down our choices to a few since we were looking at the Western menu. 

The lovely evening started off at Chinoz on the Park. We were sold at the Dinner set which looks like it was a steal! And not to mention, the ambiance was absolutely up our streets too!

We were first seated at the mall facing area, of which the place looked rather tight. It was also semi outdoor-ish. We came all dressed up so we really didn't want to sweat ourselves out when we eat. So we requested to change our seats, and the staffs kindly attended our request, though not very willingly. 
As soon as we walked further into the restaurant, the atmosphere came to you! The mall facing area has an interesting looking bar by the side so I thought that place is best for drinking; whereas the inside, quieter, and quaint corner is perfect for dining. Besides the air-conditioning area where we were seated at, they also have an al-fresco dining area overlooking KLCC park and the beautiful water fountain. If we weren't here for a show that night, I would have gladly picked the outdoor area! But I wasn't too upset as we still shared the same amazing view!

This place is absolutely gorgeous so bear with me as there are a massive amount of photos attached in this post.

I love the sofa seating area which is made up of wooden pieces. It screams sophistication and class! It gave off that classic yet modern french brasserie vibe and I adore it!

This place has an extensive menu and it pretty much includes everything you could think of! They have a bit of Japanese, a bit of western and a bit of Mediterranean/ Asian! I was craving for some western food so I opted for western cuisine!

I want to start by saying I love how the food here were presented so beautifully. They looked really appealing by sight and we couldn't wait to dig in. But we were slightly downcasted by the portion of the food. We thought it should come heftier, corresponding to the price tag.

Fruity Blast (about RM20)
I picked a glass of freshly squeezed juice, 
comprising of pineapple, kiwi, apple, pomegranate and lemon. 
I wasn't a fan of this drink because RM20 is definitely too much for such a small glass of juice. 
And they used too much pineapple, it ended up tasting like pineapple juice and nothing else. 

I decided to try out their 3-course dinner menu which priced about RM40. I thought it was a bargain as they were serving salmon that night! So I opted for that without any hesitation. But I soon learnt that set menus are always going to be just a marketing strategy. lol. 

Clear soup which tasted pretty weird at first but I kept wanting for more after my first try. 
It was a little spicy, and a little soury. 
Kind of taste like Tom Yam if I may, but it has a really strong smell of cellery. 

The main of the dinner set was Salmon topped with salsa on mashed potato. 
Mashed potato was too watery for my liking! 
The salad on the side was great because I love rockets! 
Salmon came in devastating size and the taste was mediocre.
I wanted so much to like this dish, but I just can't justify it. 

Chicken and Mushroom Pie (about RM30)
The pie came in a petite size, lol, accompanied with deliciously simmered mushrooms. 
I love the creamy chicken pie! 
The crust was really buttery! 
I love how it is crispy on the outside but absolutely soft and creamy on the inside!
The black pepper gravy that came with it added moisture to the pie, 
made gobbling them down an ease! 

A very simple dessert, but it was a great way to end our dinner date! 
I love how they have used an array of cube fruits dunk in the milky coconut milk, 
and on top of that, we have an average vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of strawberry puree. 
I don't eat dairy so this was definitely not my favourite one, 
but it was quite good, to be honest!

Overall, I thought this place has really great ambiance after their revamp, and it is especially perfect for a date that involves drinking. I personally think the food is way too overpriced, and the taste was really mediocre. But, I have heard so much about this place serving great and reasonably priced illy coffee so I think dropping by for brunch would be a better choice.

Chinoz on the Park
G47, Ground Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur

Phone 03-2166 8277
If you are interested to find out more about them, feel free to drop them a line at

After our mildly satisfying meal, we went for our 'mains' of the evening.

It was such a lovely evening date with D. And happy monthsary to my one and only! Look forward to more wonderful times together. <3

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