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Acme South, the spin off of the highly heated discussed about Acme Bar and Coffee at Troika downtown KL is officially opened about a year ago! After the catapult of the successful ABC, the owner had decided to venture into the South (South of KL, Bangsar), as well as Southern cuisine, hence the name. 

Contrary to the former, which focuses solely on Western dishes, Acme South features an extensive menu based on Texan Barbecue and South American delights, this place aspires to take barbecue to a whole new level for all the carnivores out there!  Though being different from ABC, both of these places share somewhat similar industrial design with a touch of poise for ritzy comfort food. 

When I first stepped my foot into this place, I was utterly captivated by the ambiance! I like how the place exudes modern industrial design, but then again is the it-design for every cafe. Which is why they added a touch of green in every single nook possible. Be prepared to see succulents and cacti nicely arranged by the windowsills, as well as desert-like plants and rocks adorning the al-fresco dining area. 

Patrons are free to choose between the cozy dining room and the solarium (which is redolent of ABC),  where you get the perfect lighting for that selfie of yours. :P

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might already know that.....
I give extra brownie points to restaurants which provide free-flow or drinking water! Yeay! 

I just can't contain my excitement being in this beautiful place! 

We were there for brunch on a Sunday noon, so our eyes were stuck to the All Day Breakfast page! Good news to all the weekend late risers as breakfasts are available 10-5pm daily! 

Breakfast burrito 
choice of beef brisket or chicken, organic eggs, cheese, mushroom rice, diced tomato and topped with chilli con queso.
I thought this was really good. I have always loved eating 'wraps' anyway. 
The outer wrap was thin but it had managed to tightly secure the fillings, 
kudos to the chef, makes eating not so much of a mess. 
The fillings tasted really good too, I like how the rice and the chicken complement each other, 
everything were mixed together well with the help of eggs,
and tomato added a hint of sour/sweetness to the overall, rather bland fillings. 

We only ordered a main because I was saving my stomach for the long awaited...... 

Sizzling chocolate brownie! 
It was the bomb! 
It was really satisfying to witness the hot chocolate sizzled and hardened on the pot before our eyes. 
The sound effect was such a plus point too! LOL. #drama
Do expect the ice cream to melt quicker than expected as soon as the hot chocolate was poured over it. 
I like taking a piece of brownie, with some molten chocolate and a small scoop of ice cream, 
now you get the perfect blend of hot and cold in a mouth. 
The brownie has loads of nuts in it which I adore! 

I have heard so many good things about their beef brisket which is available for dinner, but is normally sold out really quickly. I can't wait to come back and try more of their authentic southern America cuisine. And it's such a joy that I could now enjoy the same famous dessert of ABC without the long queue and limited dining time in the former place!

Address: LG10 Bangsar Village I, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603 2283 6288
Opening Hours: 11am-12am Sun-Thurs
                           Fri- Sat 11am -1 am
If you wish to find out more about them, feel free to check them out at:

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