Living Well Health Talk at Ashley's by Living Food, Bangsar

Mainstream consumers are becoming more health-conscious throughout the last decade. This phenomenon is exemplified by the prospering of various food chains which emphasize on the quality of their food ingredients, from the tiniest details like the oil and cheese they used, to the bigger components of a food such as meat and vegetable options. 

Gone are the times when people never cared about the kind of food that they were consuming. There has been a vast decline in the consumption of high-calorie foods, junk foods, foods with high amount of saturated fats and other components which could impair the normal health conditions, resulting in various health complications like heart-related problems, renal problems,etc. But does wellness only revolves around food alone? 

The whole idea of being health conscious has just taken on its stride. It is not difficult to find people who follow the trend blindly without knowing what being healthy really is. Therefore, the owner of Asley's by Living Food, Stirling is determined to shed some light on the contemporary definitions of health and wellness, which is comprised of 5 modalities. 

The health talk programmed kick started with casual catch up amongst the Ketchup community at our favourite restaurant, Ashley's by Living Food. 

The event was then followed by a lovely food tasting session. We were introduced to the best-selling dessert of Ashley's. 

 On the right, we have a super healthy crisp, topped with almonds and granola bar. The crisp was made out of flax seeds, dates and capsicums. This was definitely something new! I didn't know these few items could blend so well together. 
In the middle, we have the raw cocoa pie that was sweetened with dates!
And finally, on the left we have passion fruit smoothie. 

 The one standing on the left is the notorious chef Ashley. 
She is the main brain behind Ashley's, as she did it all from designing the menu to cooking them and designing the presentation. Such a talented young lady! 

 And that is Penny, our lovely event manager. 
It's always blissful to be working with the Ketchup team! 
Ever so cheerful and accommodating! 

 Thanks to my awesome bestie, Stephanie for joining this health talk too! 

After tasting the delicious desserts, we walked across the street to find ourselves lost in amazement at this simple and cosy yet comprehensive wellness centre, Living Well. 

 Stirling Yin, the speaker of the day! 

It was an eye-opening experience as we learnt all about the new definition of wellness. Mr. Stirling patiently explained to us the 5 pillars of wellness, i.e. Oxygenation, Hydration, Nutrition, the Healing Field and Positive stress, and how these 5 components were tightly intertwined and none of the aspects should be neglected. We were also introduced to some of the simple pieces of equipment, which would facilitate the restoration of these 5 modalities to its best state for a well-living human being. The aforementioned equipment was the Kagen Water System - with the ability to produce water of different pH levels for different usage; the ion bed - which is mainly associated with restoring the healing field; as well as the infra-red sauna with specially designed UV panel of which altogether would assert positive stress and thence restore the healing field.

It is really interesting how the maintaining the 5 pillars of wellness, along with medical contemporary medical treatment have helped patients to alleviate any discomfort, even to the extent of speeding up recovery.

LivingWell Center
Address: Bangsar Village, No. 12-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Wilayah Persekutuan, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2202 2162
For more info about what they offer, feel free to log on to

Disclamer: This article is in collaboration with KetchUp social programme but all opinions are based on my own. I only ever work with brands that I genuinely love and enjoy.

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