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They say you're either a coffee or a tea person, I am without a doubt a tea person! 

I've been drinking teas FOREVER, and I think that's a very Chinese thing to do. But it is when I grew older, that I learned that tea comes in a lot of variety! 
I rely on my good old Red Tea- English Breakfast for my daily caffeine boost; I can't live without Green Tea during the mid-day, for its high antioxidant properties; and I would always crave for the most delicate tea, the White Teas for some immunity boosts and to keep my oral cavity healthy!

But today, I am extremely excited to talk about my latest obsession, the Flower Blooming Teas
Originated and produced in China, these teas are referred to as ‘Gong Yi Hua Cha’, which means ‘art flower tea’ or ‘flowering tea.’ The existence of these flowering teas was documented in the early centuries (960-1279) and it was stated that Flower Blooming Tea was a luxurious entertainment specially crafted for the Emperor during the Song Dynasty. 

Today, everyone has the opportunity to experience this luxurious entertainment that was once only limited to the royals. Flower Blooming Tea is designed to enhance everybody's tea experiences, offering an appeal for visual, aroma and taste.

These blooming teas are generally made of silver green teas and various dehydrated flowers hand tied into cute little tea globes!
 I highly recommend infusing these tea balls in large, clear glassware to optimize your experience and delight of this true art of tea. 

Place ONE tea ball into a clear glass containing boiling water, let it steep for 5-10 minutes and voila! An artful shape is formed before our eyes!
However, to enhance the aroma of the blooming team, it is best to heat the tea constantly with a candle underneath the teapot!  As the silver green tea was bundled to be Flower Blooming Tea’s base, to maintain the balance of its body, constant heating with a candle would give you a stronger taste of the green teas.

I have mentioned that I love drinking different teas for their unique benefits, now I can get all of the benefits in just a tea ball!  Flower Blooming Tea not only has the effects of a tea but also has the unique effects of dehydrated flowers. Different Blooming teas have different effects since different dehydrated flowers are mixed. I listed down below some of the unique benefits of each dehydrated flowers so refer below!

Now watch how the Flower Blooming Tea blooms into a piece of beautiful art step by step! 
I personally think it was incredibly calming and soothing to see the tea leaves worked their own magic, unfurling themselves in the prettiest form! 

Tips: To get a perfect bloom of the tea, use a container with an arc-shaped bottom (8-10cm diameter). If it is too small in diameter, craft tea cannot unfold well or cannot unfold at all, and eventually, the expanded tea could not sink to the bottom; if it is too large in diameter, the expanded tea will float around and you won't be able to appreciate the sense of beauty well.

Double Happiness Blooming Tea
An exquisite display of spring needle white and green tea leaves woven into a bouquet of Globe Amaranth, Marigold, and Jasmine flowers.

 Globe Amaranth is originally produced in tropical America. It is great for clearing the liver, eliminating phlegm, relieving a cough, and preventing asthma.

The Double Happiness tea releases an absolutely divine floral aroma. 
The taste was a refreshing floral taste, which was my favourite to go for when I am unwinding after a long day at work. 
Brewing it in such a pretty glass not only added an aesthetic value, the tea was also sufficiently brewed and diluted. 
If you are a fan of floral teas, I would highly recommend checking this one out! 

Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea
Elegant spring needle white and green tea leaves are handcrafted into a bouquet of Jasmine and Golden Marigold flowers.

 Originated from Europe, the Marigold flowers can be eaten directly or brewed for beverages. It is popular for its ability to remove heat, eliminate toxins, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, beautify skin, and promotes better digestion.

Jasmine, besides having similar effects as that of Marigold flowers, it is also great for regulating the flow of vital energy, saliva production, and thirst-slaking.

The Oriental Beauty, however, tastes more subtle. 
It was similarly refreshing, but this has a less floral aroma to it. 
I personally prefer this as my mid-day pick me up.
This is perfect for the intimate girly afternoon tea session, 
accompanied by abundant of sweet treats like macarons or cupcakes. 

If you are used to drinking teas with a little bit of honey, these teas go really well with honey too! Honey compliments the floral aroma, leaving an exceptionally aromatic aftertaste that will linger on your tongue. However, I love my tea as it is. I relish in taking in the pure aroma of the tea leaves, and savouring the unique blend of tastes on my taste buds!

These Flower Blooming Tea comes in either a Gift Box which retails at RM100 per box for 10 pcs of Tea Balls or in sealed aluminum bags for RM40 per bag for 5 pcs of Tea Balls. 

If you're wondering, I got these teas from Tea Life at .

But if you prefer somebody else to figure about the container and the arc of the glass etc, you could enjoy the same tea at Friends of Mine Cafe at Mont Kiara (located opposite Gardens International School) and Delectable Su Outlets at Glass House & The Gardens.

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