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Do you suffer from recurrent knee pain or back pain which can't seem to be fixed regardless of the times you've seen a doctor? 
Or have you noticed that whenever your shoes started wearing out, it's always that one corner that shows signs of damage first? 
If you answer yes to both of the above questions, 
you've landed yourself at the right place.
Fret not, you're not dying of any ailment, 
but you might need minor alignment to reprive you from all these turmoil!

I was invited to experience the Sunfeet International Rehab Centre over the weekend and it was eye-opening to learn so much about our feet, and how it affects our daily lives. 

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre has come a really long way in the orthotics and prosthetic industry, helping people in prescribing orthotics, an item which may seem like an insignificant addition to your shoes but remains impactful for the rest of your lives.
A passion of the late grandfather, their humble orthotics and prosthetic business have since been committed to helping people in need over the decades. Today, the enthusiasm hasn't budged a tiny bit despite being passed down to the third generation, Dr. Edmund Lee

Dr. Edmund Lee and I.

In this post, I'll gladly share some foot for thoughts (pun intended) with you.

Did you know that the majority of your posture, walking, and joint related issues started off with the wrong foot? 

One of the most common foot-related problems, and probably one of the most talked about has got to be flat feet
Flat feet generally refers to those whose feet have fallen arches, where their feet are almost or entirely flat on the ground. 
Maybe some of you may have noticed that your shoes wear unevenly, specifically one side wears out quicker than the others.
People who suffer from flat feet are commonly accompanied by discomfort such as pain in their feet, calves, knees and even back

But as I mentioned earlier, having flat feet is not the end of the world, it's not even life-threatening, but it is surely and slowly causing muscle strain, which eventually leads to chronic pain as a result of inflammation. 
Before you start worrying about all the complications which may come with having improperly arched feet, I am here to provide an absolutely simple solution- orthotics a.k.a fitted insoles

Orthotics are custom-designed arch supports, may relieve pressure from the arch and reduce pain if the feet roll too far inwards.

Adding insoles to the base of your feet corrects the arch of your feet.
Not only does it help by supporting the base of your feet (to provide an arch/ help with your foot placement in the shoes), it would also enhance your overall stability and weight distribution.
It would make walking feel less laborious for you. 

Other than flat feet, other foot-related problem which can be corrected include:
1. bunion (excess bulding at the side of your big toe)
2. callous (thick dead skin cells under the base of your feet)
3. high arch 
4. intoe-ing (pigeon legs- walking with both legs pointing inwards)
5. toe walking (tip toe when you walk)
6. bowlegs (bending outward of the legs from the knees down)
and the list goes on and on.

We also had the opportunity to witness the making of the insoles.
At Sunfeet Internation Rehab Centre, the patient will have to undergo a thorough examination and consultation before being prescribed an insole.
It means that each and every one of you will have your very own custom-designed insoles.

Dr. Edmund Lee commenced the consultation session by checking the arch type of the patient,
which he then proceeded with measuring the degree of misalignment,
and degree of tilt needed to rectify,
before ending with making a mold out of your feet.
The entire process is swift but precise,
and it's also absolutely pain-free!

After addressing my concerns,
i.e. outer brim of my shoes always worn out quicker than other parts of my shoes; lower back pain; knee discomfort, bunions;
I went for a quick feet checkup.
Results revealed that my feet possess a high arch!
In simpler words, I barely walked with my entire feet, mainly relying on the outer brim!
Before I turned into a panic mode, Dr. Edmund Lee assured me that all of these could be rectified with just the right insoles.

If you, too, are troubled by some of the symptoms I have mentioned above,
I highly recommend you to pay a visit to The Sunfeet International Rehab Centre for a free feet checkup in conjunction with flat feet awareness month!

Just in case you're in urgent need for rectification,
here is a promo code for you to enjoy 10% off for all shoes and custom orthotics!

All in all, if you neglect these foot-related issues, it will come haunting you like an arch nemesis (pun intended) of yours one day. 
If you don't count on proper heeling up, I am afraid we might be the sole survivors.
Punny, ain't I? 😅😅😅

Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre
Address: Block C, 18 Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 013-5283939
Operation time: Open daily (10AM- 7PM)

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