Bleaching and Hair Dye Experience at 90's Hairstyle, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

I was always torn in between having super striking and trendy hair colour and protecting my already very frizzy hair from more damage. 
I didn't know I'm able to achieve these two at the same time until I visited 90's Hairstyle...
Just officially opened about a month ago, this place has quickly become my go-to hair salon just after one visit!

Though being a newbie in the bustling town of Sri Petaling, the Creative Director, Juno has come a really long way in the realm of hair styling. Truthfully speaking, I was really skeptical when I stepped foot into the hair salon, seeing a bunch of youngsters in such a new shop, I was scared as hell that my super long hair will all be damaged in just a blink of an eye, especially when it involves bleaching. But boy was I wrong! They have changed the game of hair bleaching for me! For the first time ever in my life, I dared to bleach my hair and it says a lot!

Donning an all white design, this spacious premise gives off a homey and relaxed vibe, that's how I want to feel knowing that I'd be stuck here for many many hours of hair transformation.

Once I was seated, I was attended by Jon himself to discuss on a customised blend of hair colour with streaks of highlights which would brighten up my complexion while emphasizing the silhouette of my super long hair.

 This was my disastrous hair colour before.
I have always loved copperish brown hair but little did I know that this colour turned my complexion dull and gave me a tired look.

 Any kind of hair service here commenced with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.
Such a sweet gesture!

 They would also put on ear cover to protect our ear from coming in contact with any chemicals.
Such a minuscule but thoughtful act, I totally appreciate it.

 Jon then went on and explained to me how his bleaching technique is different from ordinary hair bleaching and the secret lies in - OLAPLEX!

OLAPLEX is the leading 3-steps hair treatment system that can be used alone or with other services to restore compromised hair. OLAPLEX has been the heat of discussion all over YouTube and never did I think I'd have the chance to witness the magic it possesses!

OLAPLEX Step 1: Bond Multiplier 
The protein structure in our hair shafts are held by disulfide bonds and it's what gives our hair elasticity and strength. Damaged hair is the consequences of broken disulfide bonds.
The first step of OLAPLEX rebuilds broken disulfide bonds to prevent further damaging from harsh chemicals in the process of bleaching and starts repairing our hair even from the deadliest of hair service i.e. bleaching.

 Only a tiny bit of amount was added into the bleaching agent so that it's potent enough to protect my hair while being able to still allow the bleach to do its job.

 They are really skillful as they were able to do everything swiftly without compromising on quality.
Instead of just brushing on the bleaching agent directly onto strands of hair they picked out randomly, they actually picked out strands of hair in a weaving pattern, teased them, before subject my hair to bleaching. This was to ensure a seamless and natural fading of colour.

 My hair was then subjected to a heater to enhance the effect of the bleaching agent.
Under normal condition, bleaching + heating = breakage,
but due to the strong protective effect of OLAPLEX and years of experience in hair colouring,
we can easily cast these fear aside!

 I was taken into the washing room about 20 minutes later to unveil my Medusa-alike hair! Haha!
It was so shocking to see my hair colour turned so light!

After rinsing out the bleaching agent, my hair was covered with OLAPLEX step 2!

OLAPLEX Step 2- Bond Perfector
This second step works like a hair treatment. It continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds to reveal the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible at the end of the treatment.

My hair was left with OLAPLEX step 2 to do its work while I rest for another 15 minutes or so.

 Then Jennifer came in and gave my hair a good wash.

 As you could see from the pictures, my hair colour wasn't as bleached as it was first seen above.
The colour is more subtle but still looked very much lighter from the original hair colour.
I am a fan! I love my highlights but I don't like anything that's too on-your-face, if you know what I mean.

 SURPRISINGLY! No tangling hair after hair wash!
This is an absolute rare case for me!
Their wet combs were able to comb through my hair easily without the slightest tugging at all!

 With just a hair dryer and fingers running through my hair, my hair SHOCKINGLY DRIED STRAIGHT AND SILKY SMOOTH! 

 My bleached and "supposedly damaged" hair turned out to be silkier and healthier than it has ever been!
It even revealed a stunning shine that I've never seen on my own hair!

They then proceeded with the total transformation of my hair colour!
I was so happy that I was finally able to experiment with ashy colour on my hair!

 Again, these skilled senior stylists got my hair completely covered in colouring agent in just minutes!

This time, they used cling wrap instead of heater to enhance the colour absorption into my hair.
This prevents subsequent damage to my already restored hair.

 I was again, taken to the washing room after 20 minutes and my hair was given a nice wash!

 VOILA! Absolutely stunning ash brown with streaks of ash grey!

Jennifer kindly applied a layer of Argan oil onto my hair before blow drying my hair.

Once my hair has dried up, they applied another layer of hair treatment onto my hair.

I am so happy that my hair is at its smoothest it has ever been!
Not only it looks smooth, it glides off my hands easily too!
No tangling, no frizzy ends,
just shiny, healthy hair with stunning colour!

 I MEAN! Look at the subtle ash grey streaks peeking through the ash brown colours!

I don't know if you can tell, but I instantly looked more awake and my complexion appeared so much brighter with just a change of hair colour! 

I am so satisfied with how my hair turned out!

And below are TONS of photos I took of myself and my hair because I clearly couldn't stop obsessing over my luscious, bouncy, and shiny hair!

 Special thanks to Jon for giving my hair a new life!
Before leaving the salon, Juno had also given me the OLAPLEX step 3 to be used at home!
The final step works like any ordinary hair treatment/mask we use at home.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to try out bold and daring colours to visit their salon!
All of the staffs were super friendly and nice too, my 3 hours spent sitting on the chair felt like a 30 minutes catch up with old friends.

Feel free to watch me geting hair service in action too! 

They are currently having various opening promo!
Head over to their FB / Instagram page to learn more!

And now, have a closer look of my hair under natural light!

90's Hairstyle @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Address: no 8, jalan radin bagus 6, bandar sri petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-9054 6881

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