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I don't know if it's in the blood, or it's just our preference, but we all love Nyonya food and we could eat it all day everyday. LOL. While we are at a place where it was previously dominated by the Peranakan, it would be such a shame if we did not squeeze in a nyonya meal or two.

I have read some good raves and reviews about this place, but I am quite sceptical with reviews online, because different people has different taste buds and we love strongly flavoured food. But still, I put this place into our itinerary and all that was left to do was to pray that it won't let us down.

This restaurant is secluded in an ancient looking street and is not visible unless you pay close attention to the surrounding. It looks like an ordinary house, but they have a little sign at the entrance.

My advice to everyone who is keen on visiting this place is that, YOU GOTTA MAKE RESERVATION a few days ahead. We went there casually and was surprised to find out that the whole place was fully booked, the only seats left were the outdoor ones. And before we finished our meal, our table were already booked by other family. LOL.

After browsing through the menus, we picked these few dishes, which we think definitely worth a try! These are some of my mum's homecooked dishes, so we would like to know how is it comparable to my mum's cooking.

1. Mengkuang and Jiu Hu Char
This is basically sliced sengkuang and cuttlefish. 
It tasted so good! 
Flavouring was enough, and it wasn't too dry nor too moist. 
My mum said the sambal given was awesome! 

2. Tau Yu Bak
This is basically just pork and egg cooked in thick soy sauce, and let it simmered for few hours- the longer the better. 
It was sooo good!!! So thick and fragrant! 
The chef has definitely spent a pretty good amount of time cooking. 

3. Wild Boar Curry
This was the very very first time I tried wild boar. 
The texture and taste is pretty much the same as pork I guess. 
But it has a slightly stronger taste. 
But the curry was so good! 
I love thick curry! So this was very good to me! 

4.Goh Heong Loh Bak
Penang's famous! A must-try!
I have always loved this! It's basically a spring roll with seasoned meat and yam. 
And you wrap it and fry it!
Nicely seasoned, not too hard but crispy. 
I think they have done a pretty good job on this!

5. Chap Chai
Chap chai simply mean a mixture of several vege. 
You can get fu chok, cabbage, mushrooms etc. 
Just a variety of vegetable cooked together. 
Taste really great. 
This dish is the fairly bland ones compared to other strongly flavoured dish.. 
But it definitely still tasted good even under such competitive comparison. 

6. Asam Pedas Fish
This is literally the bomb!!!!
I am a huge devotee to spicy and sour food so this was definitely my favourite dish of all!
Superrrrr sourrrrrr and moderately spicy! 
OMG! Thinking about this made me salivate! Hahahhahahahhhaha,
It taste almost like an ordinary tom yam soup, 

7. Desserts
Left- Black glutinous rice
Right- Bubur Cha cha

OMGGGG!!! I have never tasted any dessert as thick as theirs!!! 
I love coconut milk and they were sooo generous with their coconut milk. 
Both were not too sweet, with a touch of saltiness. 
Very thick consistency, meaning they were very generous with their ingredient.
I love the desserts!!!

I really think they have met my expectation of a great nyonya and Penang cuisine. All the must trys were perfectly prepared. And it was comparable to my mum's super delicious cooking. So yesssss!! I am definitely coming back again, and the next time I would make sure to make my reservation!

Address: 31-D, Lorong Abu Siti, Georgetown, Penang
Contact: +604- 229 1318

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