Product Empties December 2017

Wow! Where did the time go? 
Can't believe it's the last "episode" of my empties series for the year of 2017! 

1. AISAN Top Team Hair Mask
This product is one of the products that when I left it for a while and finally came back to it,
I'd ask myself, why did I leave it at the very first place?
I especially noticed its amazing effect after I bleached my hair.
Days without using this hair mask, my hair would get so tangled that it was totally impossible to brush out.
It makes my hair smooth and manageable.
And the best thing is?
It comes in a super big tub!

2. Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub
Sanctuary Spa is totally an underrated brand with a ton of amazing products, and this product is one of it.
This product is exclusive to Boots so I don't think you'll be able to find it in Malaysia.
All the products from the Sanctuary Spa classic range comes with an absolutely pleasant scent which is unique and very soothing.
Instead of using microbeads which damages the marine ecosystem, this scrub uses SUGAR which melts when in contact with our body, so not only does it does the job of sloughing off dead skin cells really well, it also does not leave any pollutants behind.
But what we absolutely loved about this scrub is how it heated up when it came in contact with the skin.

3. Propolinse Mouthwash 
This is the typical FB made me buy it kinda product.
It was so hyped out that we couldn't resist stocking up when we were in Hong Kong last year.
Unlike usual mouthwash, it doesn't have any minty taste to it, so it's perfect for anyone who despises the "burning sensation" a minty mouthwash gives.
But for someone who's accustomed to having absolutely fresh breath after using a mouthwash, found this to be a little weird.
The spit though, was an interesting sight when we first started using it.
But when we thought about it properly, we thought the dark brown debris found in the spit might be some form of precipitation when the mouthwash came in contact with our saliva?

I used up quite a bit of skin care this month!

4. DEWS Reverse Series Facial Foam
This product was downright horrible.
It was heavily scented and it left a greasy feeling on the skin after the face wash.

5. CHANEL Le Solution 10
It was a sample size that I got from Chanel.
Despite its claim of being very minimal and suitable for even sensitive skin,
this product actually broke me out.
Don't think it's world changing or whatsoever, work as a decent moisturiser for dehydrated skin - D.

6. Epiduo
This was recommended by my dermatologist when I had severe breakout about a year ago.
Of course, it's not the same tube, I repurchased it at a local pharmacy after I finished my first one.
This product is a mixture of retinoic acid and benzoyl peroxide so it's really good at both improving skin texture and zapping acne.
But it does dry out the skin a little.
This product should only be used at night.

7. Clarins Defining Eye Lift
This is my holy-grail eye serum and there's no way I'll be replacing this product anytime.
This product is perfect for puffy eyes!
I used to have very obvious uneven eye lids, but with consistent usage of this product,
I now have even eye lids every single day!
Besides, it also gives me the illusion of bigger eyes and it's all down to effect of the nice big fold of eyelids!
I'd highly recommend anyone with eyelids concern to give this a go!

8. Differin
I have recommended this product to probably a hundred people.
Differin, which is essentially, retinoic acid, is great at increasing skin cell turnover, thereby improving skin texture.
That said, this is not only limited to acne sufferer.
In fact, retinoic acid is one of the few scientifically proven skin care that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!
Beginner may experience flaking with this product, so use it sparingly to build up the resistance.

9. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
This is probably the best sleeping mask in the market.
It's also the product that would give you obvious results overnight.
The sales person from Laneige told me to use this product alone, but I found out the best way to use it is on top of all of my usual skin care regime i.e toner, serum, moisturiser etc.
This sleeping mask would act as a physical barried that prevents water loss during my sleep and its unique sleep tox technology detoxes my skin while I sleep.

10. Maybelline V Face Duo Stick
I like this product for contour and highlight on the go.
Its cream to powder formula makes applying and blending this product really easy.
I think this product would be ideal for those who adore natural look.
As much as I love the convenience of it, it didn't last too well on my oily skin.

11. Etude House Colour My Brow
This product was before the Etude House revamp. Haha!
I would say it's a decent product, it does hold my eyebrows and give them a little bit of tint,
but it definitely wasn't my favourite.

12. Nature Republic Eyebrow Pencil
I actually quite like this product.
It has a very light ash brown colour, which doesn't add too much colour to my thick eyebrows.
But it pretty much just put some colours on your skin and that's it.
It doesn't have a creamy or waxy formula so it does nothing to hold the brows at all and it doesn't last as long on the brows.
It was also quite a struggle to have to sharpen the pencil every now and then.

13. Kate Eyeshadow
I know my eye shadow looked pretty darn gross cause I have had this forever.
I personally think Kate eye shadows are the best eye shadows in the drugstore.
Its cream and buttery texture makes it perfect to be used with just fingers.
These all shimmer eye shadows are actually perfect for beginners, you don't need any make up skills to blend these eye shadows.
Although I do enjoy my American make up look special occasions, I love these simple eye shadow quads from Kate for day to day use.
I'll be able to complete my eye make up look under 5 minutes with these eye shadows.

So yeah! These are all the products I have used up thus far along with my honest review and overview of the products!
Hope you enjoy such content and stay tuned for more! 

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