Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Nexus Bangsar South

If you have been watching this space for a while now, you probably already know how much of a fanatic I am for upmarket Chinese food. Just when I thought I have found another great one in the market according to INVITED REVIEWS, I am here to debunk it! 
Dao Xiang specialises in Shunde Cuisine. I have tried another Shunde cuisine before and I thought the copper bowl concept was pretty interesting because the food was extremely aromatic, but not enhanced. It's just pure goodness of the ingredients used. 

So I made my reservation ahead of time because they claimed that their place gets really busy that getting a seat would be impossible during weekends. 

But when I arrived at the restaurant... 


There was only one family occupying a table and that's it. All the staffs were free and didn't have much work to do. We even had the freedom to pick any seat we wanted because it was just empty. 

So I thought to myself, maybe this place is popular among white-collars on weekdays as there are loads of offices around. I told myself to give it a chance. 

The main dining area could hold about 200 guests. Private dining rooms are also available should you seek more privacy.
I mean, this place looked all right. Although claimed to be an upmarket Chinese restaurant, the furniture and decoration looked too shabby. It lacked a touch of elegance.
Chairs and tables were wobbly. And the place was super, super warm. Just imagine for yourself, you have a hot pot burning right in front of you in such warm and stuffy condition.
It was tormenting to us.

This was me all sweaty and sticky, and guess what? We haven't even started eating. 

Normally if restaurant owners see me walking around and snapping nook and cranny, they would ask if I am a blogger. I would normally say yes because I wanna them to dash out their best dishes. 

As per normal, we went with what was recommended.

As for our beverages, we did not want tea, so we requested for plain water, which was charged. 
You know I dislike people charging for plain water, so I responded what?
And the boss kindly said she would give it to us for free. 

At that particular instant, I was like, awwwwww, their service was top notch! So thoughtful!

 Shunde Copper Hot Pot (Soup Only) - RM18
This is definitely the highlight of Shunde cuisine, which was supposed to be what we were most anticipated for.
A wide selection of bounty of the rivers & the ocean could be added according to your preference. Fish like grouper, marble goby, tiger grouper, patin or catfish to pomfret, black tilapia, barramundi, sultan fish or salmon, plus everything from eel, squid, stingray, razor clams & sea cucumber to abalone, oysters, geoduck, lobster, mud crabs & tiger prawns are just part of the list. All of the ingredients will then be braised in pork broth with some sun-dried tangerine peel.

In all honesty, this dish is totally not worth the money. When we were ordering, the pricing of each of the ingredients was not disclosed on the menu, and there was a minimum of items that we had to order. We only went with the minimum and as you could see, only one crab, a few pieces of fish fillets, some prawns which weren't even fresh and that's it. And it cost us more than RM400 for such a nonsense. 

 Deep-fried Pork Rib (RM28)
Yet another dishes that prove that this restaurant doesn't worth a visit.
A few pieces of pork rib deep fried and drenched in oil and grease,
without special taste to it cost us RM28.
It's like gobbling down oils for RM28.
I wouldn't recommend at all.

 Crunchy pan-fried lotus roots stuffed with savoury fish paste (RM23)
Yet another oily dish.
Fish paste was salty and that's it, nothing special.
Lotus added some crunch to the fish paste.
And that's just it.
I couldn't justify paying RM23 for such a simple dish.
And I really dislike that we were recommended all the fried food,
to me, Chinese food is all about the stir-fried and the soups.
What can I say? Bad recommendations from the boss herself.
If the boss could recommend wrongly,
I don't know who is the best person to ask anymore.

And lastly. I have seen all the INVITED REVIEWS raved about this Chee Cheong Fan alike dish, so I mentioned to the boss that I would like to try this, 
and she kindly offered us this as a complimentary dish. 
I was really happy initially, 
but we waited and waited and waited, 
at the end of our meal, 
we still did not see this dish being served. 
Upon requesting, the dish was served... So were like okay... 
Let's try and see what's so good about it. 

 Rice Noodle with Preserved Vegetable - RM10
To my dismay, it was another disappointment.
This dish was absolutely bland.
It was as if we were eating plain white rice with a few salted vegetables and that was just about it.
Nothing special at all.

And when we asked for the bill after having a dissatisfied lunch,
we were shocked to find out that, all the so-called complimentary dish and water were all charged into out bill! WHAT THE HECK!
The boss is such a liar!
And for a meal that was so so so bad,
it cost us about 3 quarter of 1k.
I could have eaten abalone if I were to visit other restaurants.

All in all, service was ATROCIOUS! The food was absolutely MEDIOCRE! The price was absolutely OVERPRICED! The environment was SHABBY and uncomfortable.

Dao Xiang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
Address: Jalan Kerinchi, Kampung Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2242 3318
Hours: Lunch- 11AM–2:30PM
             Dinner- 5:30–10:30PM

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