GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

GLAMGLOW had shattered the world since its debut into the high end beauty world some two years ago. 

It was the IT face masks for the whole solid year. I've seen this product being featured in all beauty channels that I follow as well as beauty blogs. I have always always always wanted to give their products a go, but was taken aback by their hefty price tag. 

About two years later after my first encounter of GLAMGLOW products, I can't believe I finally took the plunge and added this into my face mask collections! I must add though, this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for D! So, thanks a lot D! 

Just like you would have expected, such high end product definitely nailed it when it comes to the packaging! It was stunning! I think such beautiful packaging would actually be a great gift to any beauty junkie too! 

I have decided to try the SuperMud Clearing mask as I have oily skin, and my skin is pretty bad at shedding off dead skin cells, so they just get cluttered up and clog my pores should I neglect the additional steps to purge my pores and get the dead epidermal layers off my skin. 

I like using this all over my face once a week, and mix things up with other face masks, cause well, it's too pricey to be used thrice a week. But I've found another great way of using this product too! 

That's use it as a spot treatment! 

When I see my skin's acting up and the texture gets a little funny, I would put dot these black mud on all the potential spots or existing spots, and let it do its job - pulling all the gunk out! 

I'll let it sit on my skin for a good 20 minutes, and by then the mask should've dried up, and that means it's time for a rinse! 

I've noticed visible results even just after one usage! Spots has shrunken almost immediately, and redness has reduced by a ton! And, did I mention that this mask smells divine too? It is formulated with liquorice so do expect a cooling sensation and minty scent when applied on your face! Mint is my favourite so it's definitely a plus point! 

All in all, I'd highly recommend anyone with oily or acne prone skin to check out this face mask as it really does wonder! It's an amazing product that worth the money! But if you're looking for a cheaper alternatives, I would recommend checking Innisfree's super volcanic pore clay mask, which I use alternately with this one! I will review this in my upcoming post so stay tuned! 

All GLAMGLOW products are available for purchase at Sephora stores nationwide. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. 

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