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Originated in the US and made in the US, Yankee Candle was born in 1969, when a 16-year-old boy decided to make a candle for his mother for Christmas due to financial constraint. With just some household wax, a red crayon, some string for a wick and a milk carton for the mold, Mike utilized all the available items in his kitchen to make a personalized gift for his mother. A neighbor who happened to see the candle before he could give it to his mother had convinced him to sell it to her. With just the littlest grubstake in hand, Mike bought enough materials to make two new candles, one for his mother and another to sell. 

Started out from making candles in his kitchen, He then opened a small retail shop with his father's help. Since then the number has grown to more than 575 retail stores and over 35,000 authorized retailers worldwide.

I have been a fan of Yankee Candle for the longest time and not too long after I return from the US, Yankee Candle launched their retail stores in Malaysia in 2015.

Though the retail stores in Malaysia are relatively smaller, they carry most of the all-time best-selling candles just like the ones in the United States.

Yankee Candles booth in Sunway Pyramid.

I could still remember the days where I used to enter Yankee shops and stayed inside for at least half an hour just to sniff each and every candle. Visiting these retail stores in Malaysia took me down memory lane of the good old days in the states. I was so obsessed with their candles that I lit my Yankee Candles everywhere in the house and even in the toilet. (Yes, it's a thing over there)

The arrangement of the candles according to the color hue is such a pleasure to the eyes.
Yankee Candle's Car Fragrance Series. 
Honestly, these just deplete a tad too quickly. But regardless, these come in handy when you're trying to impress your other half in your territory- car. 
I was so hooked by these!
This is something new. Instead of burning your candle with fire, a high-temperature lamp is used in replacement to melt the candle, thence releases the fragrance from the wax. This invention was brilliant! Firstly, because it saves us the hassle to trim the candle wick before each burn and as you know trimming the wick gets tougher when the wax is burnt half way down the jar. Secondly, it ensures pure aromatic experience, unlike traditional candles which release smoke when we put out the flame after each burning session.

Malaysia Top 5 Best Fragrance.
1) Pink Sand
2) Beach Walk
3) Midsummer Night
4) Midnight Jasmine
5) Sage & Citrus

Some additional accessories to enhance the aesthetic of our living space, perfect as an add-on to the already pretty and nice looking candle jars.

Honestly, picking 3 out of all the hundreds of choices was the toughest decision to make.
We finally shortlisted these 3 pink tones candles

Fresh Cut Roses. 
Like the name suggests, it smells like freshly cut roses! 
J loves the smell of roses so it is no surprise this would end up in our basket. 
Unlike some other roses scent out there which smells absolutely artificial, 
their rose fragrance is subtle yet aromatic. 
It doesn't make me feel suffocated either. 

Pink Sand. 
We chose this based on the top-selling recommendations. 
I love how this candle is slightly sweet, but not too sweet that it gives me a headache. 
The scent is also just substantially stronger than the others, but nothing too overpowering.
It is no wonder this is the best-selling scent! 

Peony - J's favourite flower. 
Peony is absolutely difficult to get hold of in Malaysia. 
But thanks to this candle, 
it feels like you are constantly having fresh peonies in the room! 
If you love peonies, be sure to pick this up! 

Soft cotton is my personal favourite! 
I am obsessed with fresh laundry scent (which Yankee Candles also produces such scent, crazy!), 
so this is totally up my street. 
Contrary to fresh laundry, which could be a little detergent-isque (if that makes sense), 
this is the perfect scent to give your room a fresh and subtle aroma. 

Did you say you did not believe I am a hardcore fan of Yankee Candles? I hope this convinced you.
These are some of my personal possessions that I hoard all the way back from the US!

Some facts about these votive samples! 
These votive samples are perfect when you are keen on trying a new scent
but are not ready to commit to a full jar. 
These mini candles burn evenly for 15 hours
and releases an aroma that could last for hours with each burn. 
It releases great scent, just like what you would expect of a jar of the candle. 

It is also best to burn these candles in a fitted jar so that you could collect the melted wax, and ensure the longevity of the candles! 

Like I mentioned earlier, Clean Cotton is my all time favorite, I even bought their fragrance oil and concentrated sprays all the way from the U.S.

Other than scented candles, I would also recommend their home fragrance oil! 
These home fragrance oils burn longer than a candle does, 
and the scent lingers longer in the room too. 

It was difficult to pick which candle to burn first! 

Not only these candles fill the room with comfortable aroma, 
they have also made my room looked more put together. 
I like to display them around the house
so that I can light them up should I need a quick fragrance boost in that particular space. 

But of course, my favourite place to burn candles is none other than my bedroom, 
because of the small space, the aroma fills up the room quickly. 
I love to unwind with a candle burning, some music at the background
and read about current issues on my phone. 
A soft and subtle fragrance like these is great for de-stress. 

So what makes Yankee Candle stand out from most of the wax maker out there? It's the quality of the wax. From my personal experience, I used to purchase cheaply made fragrance candle and they ended in the garbage bin before I even decided to give them a second lit. Yankee Candle's wax contains more fragrance oil than your normal wax candle. You are ensured with pure fragrance without waxy after scent while burning. 

Whether you're a woody scent person, sweet scent person, fruit scent person, cake scent person, nature scent person, floral scent person & etc. Out of the 150 choices, there is definitely a scent for you in Yankee Candle. Just take your time and pick the right scent.

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