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Caffe Bene, an Italian inspiration of the Koreans, carries the meaning of "Good Coffee".

If you haven't already heard about Caffe Bene in Malaysia, I could only conclude that you are not a foodie. The opening of its first Branch at Sunway Pyramid in March 2014 was officiated by Lee Kwang Soo, and it created such a stir! Since then, this outlet was always seen with long queues, patrons flooding the outlets, and it requires tremendous patience to snag a seat any time of the day. 

While one might think that only Malaysians went berserk for a bowl of Bingsu, this Korean dessert place is overwhelmingly loved by fellow Koreans themselves! It is the largest coffeehouse in South Korea. and had since opened over thousand stores worldwide within merely 6 years.

This Raya, U-mobile has partnered with 6 brands to elevate your Raya dining experience, with Caffe bene being one of it!

Nicholas, delivering his opening speech for the Makan-Makan Raya event hosted by U-mobile!

The fellow KBBA bloggers! 
Selamat Hari Raya to all! :D

We were happy to be joined by Jane, the marketing executive of Caffe Bene.
There she was earnestly sharing Caffe Bene's history and aspirations!
Dressed in orange, the identity of U-Mobile, we have Jessica!

Last but not least, we were also accompanied by one of the big shot of Caffe Bene, the Caffe Bene's General Manager, Mr. Howard Hiew.
We were first introduced to some of their signature beverages brought by the store manager!
Like I mentioned earlier, Caffe Bene specializes in great aromatic coffee.
 From securing new crops to roasting, blending, distribution and, ultimately, serving by their baristas,
every step is closely scrutinised and handled by trained personnel,
to ensure only the best is served.
From hot to cold,
caffeinated and decaffeinated,
Caffe Bene got you covered. 
The crowd went crazy when the drinks were served.
So we decided to take a selfie instead. LOL.
Of course, we gotta incorporate some Korean hand signs in a Korean Cafe! 
Caffe Latte
What's special about their latte is that they have added Misugaru (5 Grain Powders that comprised of black sesame, black bean, black rice, brown rice & barley)
which are only available in Caffe Bene!
These powders added a grainy fragrance and heightened health benefits to any coffee, without altering the smooth and creamy texture of a latte,  

Hot Citron Tea
This is great to cool down our body on a hot sunny day,
due to the cooling nature of citron!
This is also a signature Korean tea!
You can almost find this drink in all the Korean restaurants. 

Roasted Coffee
I have only started to appreciate the goodness of roasted coffee recently,
and this has quickly become my fav roasted coffee!
I love how their coffee uses single origin coffee beans,
which created an absolutely aromatic scent,
thereby leaving a multilayer tastes to my palate! 
Tiramisu Waffle
This was amongst my fav of all the food served.
I love Liege Waffles, so I was really excited when I saw it on the table.
Their waffle is denser, thicker and creamier than your typical Belgium waffles,
but that didn't compromise on the crusty texture of the overall waffle.
On top of the waffle, you get an espresso gelato, cream and generous amount of cocoa powder.
When the gelato melts, it blends everything together and softens the waffle,
makes eating it an enjoyable experience!
Rice Cake with Almonds Waffle
This is one of their specialty!
It is entirely unique!
They melted some 'tteok' rice cakes on top of the Liege Waffles and topped it off with sliced almonds, this is a creative way of juxtapositioning crusty and chewy texture in one bite!
They have also generously slathered on thick layers of their Misugaru, 

to provide an incredibly delicious taste to the really bland rice cake.
Caramel Cinnamon Bread
This sinful dish was surely satisfying! The bread was nicely toasted, making it crispy on the outside but really soft and fluffy inside. Though the swirling cream on top looked rather horrifying for our calories,
it was surprisingly mild!
It orchestrated beautifully with the salted caramel and sprinkles of cinnamon powder.
Honey Bread with Garlic and Cheese
Advertised as their best selling savoury food of the cafe, this honey bread is guaranteed delicious from the beginning till the end.
The thick toast was completely covered with garlic butter,  followed by a generous layer of melting cheese.
The relatively bland but utterly fluffy honey toast was a perfect base to balance out the creaminess of the toppings!
And that was exactly why the thick creamy melted cheese did not make us cloy.

These honey toasts are definitely the winner of the menu! 
Caffe Bene's Best-Seller Bingsu.
Green Tea Bingsu
Strawberry Bingsu
Cookies & Cream Bingsu
Choco Bene Bingsu!
Everybody was busy with snapping picture with this superstar!
Look at those ears and eyes! It looked too cute to be destroyed! 
We were also treated to their gelato! 
Espresso Gelato, Dark Chocolate Gelato & Strawberry Gelato.
My favourite for gelatos was the espresso!
The creamy and smooth texture that melts upon contact with our tongue
it was perfect to be eaten in the blistering heat! 
Caffe bene is adamant about eating their bingsu right, to ensure that the taste is evenly distributed. And here we have the lovely store manager demonstrating on how to properly eat their Bingsu. Bingsu is made with a lot of ice in the base and therefore is of utmost importance to blend blend blend so that you would not be eating tasteless shaved ice at the bottom of the bowl.
The right way to eat their Bingsu is to first mash the highest point of Bingsu inwards. It's gonna be messy but the outcome shouldn't be too all mixed up.
*mashing mixing mashing mixing mashing mixing*

Voila! This is when the Bingsu is ready to be eaten!

Caffe Bene's merchandise. For all the Caffe Bene's lover, their functional and aesthetically beautiful mugs tumblers can be purchased at any of their outlets!

We were allowed to pick any food of our choice to try!

Mr. Howard personally takes our order first. What an honor!
We had a tough time choosing what to order, but with Mr. Howard's recommendation, we decided to try out their savoury meals which are not usually discussed upon. 

We ordered Camomile Tea, Citron Tea, Chicken Toasties, Mushroom pie and a Strawberry Bingsu. That's very generous of Mr. Howard!

And here are some tips of how to pose with your bingsu! LOL! 

Bingsu's portion is ginormous so I would recommend sharing it with a few friends.
My favourite bingsu out of all was the Green tea ones!
I love how the gelato and shaved ice compliment each other,
and they have also added some nuts to boost the flavour and texture of the creamy and smooth ice/ ice cream.
That was me in excitement. 

D caught me when I was sneezing! LOL! 

Caffe Bene Sunway Pyramid is awarded the best outlet in Malaysia!
It is no wonder that patrons still flock to this place and willing to spend hours in the queue just to try out what they have to offer!

Didn't manage the snap a photo of their chicken toasties, but I highly recommend trying out their toasties the next time you pay this cafe a visit! It could simply be the best toasts / sandwich you have ever eaten!

For U-mobile users: Just flash your carrier service provider upon ordering to enjoy the offer of
"Buy 1 bingsu and get a gelato for free"!

Caffe bene is located beside H&M at Ground floor of Sunway Pyramid

Disclaimer: This blog post is written in collaboration with KetchUpMY social programme and U-mobile

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