Cedar on 15 at Impiana KLCC

The best part about birthdays in my family is that we get to choose restaurant of our choice for a lovely meal! My sister turned 21 on the 11th of April and she had been dying to dine at restaurants that serve some really good cocktail. She'd been dreaming about drinking a glass of cocktail on the night she officially turned 21. There were a few places on my lists, but Cedar on 15's posh interior design, and relatively affordable price tag stood out amongst other competing hotel bars! 

This place gets really busy during weekends, so my advice is to go on their website and place your reservation with them! I made my reservation two weeks ahead of the celebration, and they were kind enough to remind me two days prior to the dinner and agreed to set up a lovely surprise for my baby sister!

Centrally located, perfect for an intimate celebration for 2 or for drinking in a large group. You could opt for indoor setting, which is hopelessly romantic with dim lights and flowers adorning all the tables, and live band singing to some of your favourite love songs while you dine, or go for a lively evening at the outdoor seating area with cool music playing behind and a bar that customises whichever drinks you prefer.

Look at how beautiful this place is! I am a minimalist, but I fell for this place as soon as I walked in. Red chairs bring out the contrast to the silky smooth white cloth and the dark floor. Glass ceiling allows abundant of sunlight to shine through. It feels amazing to be in this place and watch the sky turns dark.

Brownie points to their staffs as they customised our table with loads of stars sprinkled across the table, just because they knew we had a star that night, i.e, the birthday girl Jasmine.

 And if you are here for romantic celebrations with your loved ones, tables will be customised with rose petals in love shape! How thoughtful! 

Besides dining tables, they do have a few couches lying around the outdoor seating area, ideal for catching up with a group of friends over drinks!

 I would have picked outdoor seating area if the weather was more cooperative. 
It was really hot that day, hence I gave up stunning city night view for comfort. 

 Complimentary appetiser! 
We felt so spoiled to be given a complimentary starter! 
It was refreshing and appetising. 
I love how the sweet is slightly sour, enough to take away the raw taste without being too overpowering that it takes away the freshness of the prawn. 

 Complimentary buns which we engulfed within minutes and it was quite embarrassing!
But we couldn't help it cause they taste absolutely delicious! 
You would never believe how buns can taste this good! 
They were so fluffy on the inside, and each of them raised with different flours gave different taste! 

 Few selections of oil were placed on our table for us to mix with our meals later on. 

 I took the opportunity to take loads of photos before the sun set! 

This little candle alike lamp was the cutest thing ever. 

 Gourmet Salad (RM48)
Sauteed artichoke with quail egg, black truffle, shaved parmesan, semi-dried tomato and organic green in house dressing.
I love the fact that they were quite generous with truffles! 
We have got quite a good amount of truffles tossed in the salad. 
And I had to give it to the in house dressing because they were really good! 
Just a bit tangy, but really tasty! 

 Porcini Mushroom Soup (RM42)
with milk foam and chervil 
They had me at this soup! 
They placed an empty plate on the table and poured the soup right into the plate before us! 
I thought it was pretty amusing! 
The soup was really good! 
It was foamy and milky, you could taste really nice milky taste mixed with finely chopped mushrooms.

 And here is my main! 

 Fjord Salmon from Norway, 180g  (RM62)
Perfumed with lemon basil oil, creamy spinach and fondant potato
Salmon was really nicely cooked! 
The freshness deserves credit! 
I love how this dish was so simple yet delicious! 
Lemon basil oil made this dish really appetising!

 And these spinaches and potato that came along with the dish deserve a shoutout! 
They were so special! I have never had anything like this before! 
The potato was cut into a disc shape and fried to perfection! 
Spinach cooked with cream was out of this world. 

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Black Cod, 180g (RM78)
Pan-fried, served with mushroom tomato chutney, fennel mousse and sugar pea snaps
This one was really good too! 
I adore how they have used pumpkin seed to coat the outer layer of the black cod, thereby adding texture to the otherwise soft fish. 

Roasted Spring Chicken with Bacon Popcorn and Corn Puree (RM62)
Served with a strong demi reduction and morel mushrooms
This dish was really cute!
I highly suggest this dish to be shared among two. 
The chicken was very nicely roasted, and corn puree added a touch of sweetness to the chicken.

 New Zealand Lamb Loin (RM84)
Baked in parsley crust, fondant potato and oven roasted brassica vegetables
The lamb was tender and juicy! It was not too strongly flavoured and therefore I think it goes really well with mint sauce! 

By the time we had finished our dinner, the Sun had set. So we went to the outdoor area to capture more photos and admire the beauty of KL!
There is something about evening city view that just mesmerised me.
It made me think about how tiny we are, and how human beings have changed the world. LOL. 

 My outfit of the night! 

 Complimentary chocolate cake for the birthday girl! 
I have never thought they would be so generous to give us the whole cake! 
We felt extremely loved with such generous act! 
Needless to say, the chocolate cake was delicious! 
I love how they used high-quality chocolates which made the cake tasted slightly bitter, but in a good way! The choclate glides smooth upon contact with our tongue and left an aromatic chocokate taste that lingered. 

A blurry picture of mine upon leaving.

Overall, I think this place is amazing and when I left, I foresee myself coming back to this place again for special celebrations! One bad thing about this place, though, is that they do not provide complimentary water and their mineral water costs a bomb! 

Cedar on 15
Address: Kuala Lumpur City Center Level 15, Club Tower, Impiana KLCC Hotel,, 13, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2147 1111

For those who are interested, you could also log on to their website to learn more about them.

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