Ben's General Food Store @ The Gardens Mall

If you haven't already known, Ben's General Food Store has just reopened in The Gardens Mall. 
This time, it's bigger, nicer, and of course more food options! 

D loves dining at Ben's group of restaurants, so, just imagine his excitement when he spotted the reopening of this space in The Gardens Mall. 
Upon one glance, I was immediately sold! 
I wanted to dine there, not just for the foods, but for the extremely lovely looking decor!

This premise is extremely bright and spacious! 
The dining area is divided into different sections! 
Opt for comfortable sofa seatings with low table for a lovely afternoon tea, or catching up with friends over drinks; 
or go to the lovely cubicles that could hold up to 6 for an intimate gossip girls session; 
or go for the lovely public area which is perfect to accommodate the lovely 2 to large groups of people! 
P.s: They are happy to arrange the table for you upon request. 

Another area that's worth mentioning is the designated children playground WITHIN the premise! 
Children are free to use the slides, those cute little tables and free flow candies at the candy bar! 
How thoughtful!
I could imagine parents enjoying their meals at ease whilst their children enjoy their own fun time in the play area. 

Another plus point, just like any other Ben's food chain, free flow of drinking water! 

One downside though was that their service could definitely be improved. 
The staffs were not very responsive and the chicken took a pretty long time to be served. 

Quinoa & Chicken and Roasted Cod Fish & Pineapple
(Any 2 Salad for RM24; Any three for RM35)
If you are not used to eating chilled food, these salads may not be for you. 
I have always loved healthy food like these so I am a big fan! 
But the portions are pretty small, and they actually placed the 2 salads onto one plate, 
so we were a little confused. 
I much preferred the quinoa & chicken option, edamame added a nutty flavour to the relatively bland tasting quinoa and the ranch dressing helped to bring the whole flavour together. 

Thai Roast Chicken 
(Whole : RM 53; Half: RM37; Quater: RM27)
with House slaw and Roasted potatoes with chicken drippings
A strong lemon grass scent is detected once the dish was served. The skin was roasted to perfection and the chicken was tender and juicy! Thai Chilli Flakes added a hint of spiciness and hence excitement to the chicken, while Lime and Kaffir Lime Leaf made the chicken slightly soury but overall very Thai-infused. 

Besides serving dishes to your table, you could also buy their baked goods off the counter! 
I have tried their doughnuts and interesting loaves! They tasted amazing, but their prices were slightly higher than a normal bakery. 

All in all, it was an enjoyable dining experience in this place! And I look forward to coming back again with a big bunch of friends! Special shout out to the fair-priced menu! 

Ben's General Food Store @ The Gardens
Address: The Garden, S-212, 2nd Floor, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 10am-10pm

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