SARTORI, Verona Wine Tasting @ Portofino Italiano Ristorante Lucky Garden Bangsar

I must admit that I was never fond of alcohols and I don't have the best knowledge when it comes to alcoholic beverages. But I did pick up a little interest for wine after my first wine tasting experience on Captain Cruise in Perth. 
Just months after discovering the new hobby of mine, I received an invitation from my all time favourite Italian restaurant, Portofino Ristorante Italiano (click to read the full review of the restaurant) for a wine tasting dinner! 

I have only tasted Oz's wine so far, and from what I know, Aussie's wines are relatively sweeter in comparison to those from the other northern parts of the world, so I thought this is the best time for some new additions to my newly started encyclopedia of wines.

Just as I'd expected, Portofino Italiano Ristorante did not disappoint. 
We were greeted with a clean and yet elegant display upon entering the venue. 
White table top was the best colour to let the colours of the wine steal the lime lights; 
the tables, too, were appropriately spaced so that each table were given enough privacy, but not so much that the whole place felt like it was made up of isolated islands.

The entire upper floor of the restaurant was filled with fellow food lovers, anticipating for a night of exciting gastronomic experience.
The ambiance was absolutely lovely, staffs were helpful and responsive, our tall wine glasses were made sure to be filled with wines any time of the evening. 

We have got 5 types of wines (2 white, 3 red) served in the house for a complete indulgence to our taste buds.

Sartori Soave Classico Doc 2014
Soft pressing with must fermentation at a controlled temperature. Pale straw colour dry with subtle fruit flavours and a hint of bitter almond on the finish.

We started off with the lightest taste white wine and in my humble opinion, it couldn't have been a better start. The best way to enjoy this wine was to take in the strong aroma of the wine before taking a small sip. It was the perfect blend of fruity and spicy, nothing too overpowering. Aftertaste wasn't pretty mild and it didn't last as long in the mouth.

Sartori Bianco Veronese IGT "Marani" Amaron 2013
Brilliant yellow-diamond in colour, aromas of rich, ripe fruit and honey; voluptuous on the palate, with a persistent mineral finish, reflecting the volcanic soils of the Soave zone.

The Marani, a dry white, has the upper hand compared with the Classico Doc in my opinion. The fruity and the rocky taste in this wine has a long lasting finish in the mouth.

Sartori Valpolicella Classico Doc 2014
Soft pressing with skin maceration for 8-10 days at a controlled temperature. Aging for 3 months in large oak casks and stainless steel tanks. Ruby red colour; delicate fruit aromas; well balanced and supple, with black fruit flavours.

This flavorful and intense red wine was bursting with strong fruity smell. We were left with a lingering fruity flavor on the tongue.

Sartori Rosso Veronese IGT "Regolo" 2012
Ruby red colour with garnet hues; intense and persistent aromas on the palate, full bodies, dry and velvety, with blackberry flavour and dried fruit on the lingering finish.

This one certainly has a stronger aroma when it's placed side by side with the previous one, and as you may have expected, it lingered longer on our palate. 

Sartori Classico Amarone Docg "Rejus" 2010
The carefully selected grapes are put in small plastic crates and dried in ventilated rooms for about three month. Intense red in color with shades of garnet; alluring aromas of red fruit jam full, velvety body and hints of spice on the finish.

This was definitely the star of the night. All the guests were waiting for this wine with anticipation. Aroma and taste were strong but not too overpowering and the after taste lasts for minutes for Rejus. It different from the previous two for the fact that it came a little spicy down the throat, but it's an enjoyable kind of spicy, if that makes sense at all.

We have Mr. Alberto Oregnia, giving us the history of Sartori di Verona. He gave us a run-down  of each and every wine's process and answer all relatable questions that were thrown at him.

Apart from getting unlimited supplies of incredibly aromatic and flavourful wines for the night, we were extremely lucky to be served with some of the best dishes of Portofino Italiano Ristorante to go with our wines! 

Bruschetta, it's essentially baguettes with toppings, 
though simple, it was our favourite starter.
 Portofino serves one of the most flavourful Olive Pate bruschetta I have tasted in a while.

We have some signature pizza from Portofino.

Food served ranged from Lamb Roast, Curry Risotto, Cordon Blue Chicken, Salads and many more.

It was an absolutely fun night filled with chatters with some of our long lost friends (shoutout to Wendy and the ever so humorous Ethan!!!); where many new friendships were made; and an incredibly pocket-friendly way to enjoy some of the best wines in the market alongside with some of the best Italian's cuisine in the region.

If you are interested in joining similar sessions like these, stay tuned to Portofino's FB page for more updates!

Portofino Italiano Ristorante
Address: No. 1, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Wilayah Persekutuan, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +60 3-2094 8490
FB page:

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