Thai Hou Sek @ 1 Utama

I've never really been a fan of this mall, mainly hindered by the ginormous size of this premise, it's almost impossible to walk from one end to another in a short time. And even if I did go there in the past years, I've only been 
But I didn't know I've been missing out a really good restaurant that's situated in the old wing all these while! 

Oh yes, I've been a frequent patron to One Utama and more specifically, a frequent patron of this humble little restaurant since we discovered this gem!

A few of the decorations in the shop which are worth paying attention to include the neon-lit elephant emblem! 

And of course, this Thai King painting adorning the wall with a raw finish! 

From the porkalicious menu to the interesting decoration of this space, it is not difficult to notice that this place is inspired by Bangkok's Yaowarat Road aka the Chinatown!

Siu Yuk Tom Yam (RM22)
Sour and Spicy soup with roast pork. 
I have never tried tom yam with siu yok in it, so this was a refreshing change for me! 
I am allergic to seafood, so this siu yok option was the perfect alternative for me! 
The crusty part of the siu yok has definitely added an interesting flavour to the soup though really subtle. 
I must add, though, the soup was really good on its own, so regardless of the meat options, you are guaranteed with a bowl of incredibly satisfying tom yam! 
The soup was really sour and spicy, D couldn't drink any of it. 
But for a Thai cuisine lover like me, I could easily gobble down the whole bowl of soup, 
only with the help of some plain water to calm my palate in between. Hehe

Super Pork and Pumpkin Green Curry (RM22)
Spicy green curry with a touch of sweetness, cooked with pork shoulder and pumpkin.
Pumpkin in curry? This was also something new to me!
Green curry normally tastes sweet and salty rather than spicy, so adding pumpkin was definitely a great idea!
Pumpkin added to the creaminess of the gravy, and of course, brought out the sweet nature of the green curry.
Pumpkin also picked up a lot of gravy so eating it with some rice was heavenly!
This dish was also D's favourite! 

Steamed Jasmine Rice (RM3)
Thailand is famous for their fragrant rice so it's only fair to order a plate of white rice to go with all these heavily flavoured food!
I love the lovely gesture of adding some chicken floss on top of the rice! Yum!

Kailan with Bacon and Tofu (RM16)
Stir-fried Kailan with bacon and egg tofu.
Since we have gone with all the strongly flavoured dishes for both of our mains, we thought we would go light on the vegetable.
And this has proven to be the best choice ever.
The vegetable was absolutely delicious!
Minced pork and egg tofu not complimented well with the slightly sweet oyster sauce,
it has also added interesting textures to the otherwise boring plate of vegetables.

During our second visit, we have also tried out their pineapple fried rice topped with pork floss (RM20). It is perfect to be eaten alone, or like we did, we ate it with a bowl of sizzling hot tom yum.

Thai Hou Sek has immediately become my #1 Thai cuisine restaurant so far! So I highly recommend Thai food lovers to give them a try and let me know if you think the same too!

Thai Hou Sek
Address: S132, 2nd Floor, Old Wing, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731-7933
Hours: 10am- 10 pm

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