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Pizza is everyone's comfort food. Italian makes great thin crust pizzas which are also their staple meal; whereas the Americans love their cheesy thick dough Pizza! Just when you think you may have gotten a little bored of your usual pizza choices, I am very sure all the Malaysia Truly Asia options in U Pizzeria will intrigue you!

Staying dear to their aspiration to deliver all kinds of greatness from its Pizza, they have named themselves ‘U’ which signifies ‘GOOD’ in Chinese saying. They put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their food, the freshness of the ingredients used and food served, as well as their sterling service.

U Pizzeria is hard to be missed from afar, all thanks to its bright banana yellow colour signboard, as well as the theme colour of their restaurant. They believe the bright yellow colour brings happiness and warmth, along with their homey interior designs, making it the perfect place for a cosy family meal, or a casual gathering between a few buddies. 

Traits of a great pizza lie in the dough texture, cheese volume, and topping contents. The American's thick crust pizza must be soft yet chewy in the center; while the Italian's thin crust pizza are kept crunchy, able to be chipped off like biscuits. Meanwhile, tomato sauce used must be ample and at the same time doesn't mush the dough beneath. Cheese must be used generously and spread evenly on top of the pizza along and lastly top it off with fresh toppings. None of the mentioned traits should be compromised. U Pizzeria is one of the pizza makers in Malaysia that had been able to keep those three criteria in checked! 

If you have a similar preference for pizza like I do, that is pizza dough which is chewy, and toppings which are fresh, it is almost guaranteed that you would love their pizza! In my humble opinion, this place serves as an excellent alternative to the usual pizza chain (Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos & etc) in Malaysia. You are free to dine in their lovely outlet which by the way has great customer service, or you could have them delivered to you so you could dine in the comfort of your own home. 

Now I assume everyone has saved this number down, for any kind of pizza craving solution!

Chicken Wings BBQ Sauce (4 pcs) – RM13.00
Besides pizza, they do serve a few varieties of finger food to go along with the main- Pizza.
Every piece of the chicken wing was coated evenly with the sweet and salty BBQ sauce,
before the wings were roasted to perfection in the oven.
The chicken wings were tender and juicy,
it was a simple yet delicious finger food.

Garlic Bread Stick – RM6.00
This was one of the food that I kept gravitating towards! LOL.
The bread lover in me couldn't help it.
It has the right amount of crispiness on the outside,
and it is utterly chewy and soft on the inside.
It was then I knew immediately that their pizza would be equally great too! 

U Seafood Bananza 
Personal pizza: RM16.00
Regular pizza: RM35.00
Large pizza: RM47.00

U Seafood Bonanza
This was the first pizza that came out, and it was also the winner of the day! 
I have never seen salmon being placed so generously on a pizza before so I was really excited. 
When I took a bite, it did not disappoint! 
Salmon was nicely cooked and went really well with the cheese and tomato sauce underneath,
olives and capsicums added a touch of saltiness and crispiness respectively. 

U Durian Delight 
Personal pizza: RM16.00
Regular pizza: RM35.00
Large pizza: RM47.00

U Durian Delight
I have never thought Durian would be a great topping for pizza, 
until the very moment, my palate tasted these. 
Tomato sauce was replaced with unprocessed Musang King durian paste, 
topped with cheese and some pineapples, and there you have it! 
All the durian lovers went bananas over this pizza. 
I could taste the real durian paste on the dough! Tasted not too bad for a non-durian-eater like me.
The durian taste was not too overpowering, so it is still great for people who don't quite like pizza. 

Sambal Api 
Personal pizza: RM11.90
Regular pizza: RM26.90
Large pizza: RM35.90

Sambal Api is the perfect pizza for people who can't go on a day without having their nasi lemak! 
They have replaced the tomato sauce with generous amount of hot and spicy chili paste (sambal). 
The toppings are what you would expect of a nasi lemak, 
dried anchovies, and onions! 
I actually really like this pizza! 
It is a refreshing change from the usual western pizza!

U Mexicana 
Personal pizza: RM16.00
Regular pizza: RM35.00
Large pizza: RM47.00

The elements from the Southern America lies in U Mexicana. It has a perfect mixture of beef and cheese. You could taste a bit sourness from the jalapeƱo and some spiciness from the chili.

Meat Delight
Personal pizza: RM11.90
Regular pizza: RM26.90
Large pizza: RM35.90

Rejoice fellow meat lovers out there. This pizza is for those protein-hungry carnivores who are looking for nothing but meat, meat & more meats. U Pizzeria is very generous with the amount of beef they used for their meat delight.

If you are a pizza lover, but you can't part yourself with Malaysian food, you should consider trying out their pizza! Having worked in US pizzeria for a good few years, they sure know how to make great pizza! I would recommend checking out their Chicken Aloha, U Seafood Delight and also their U Durian Delight!

U Pizzeria 
Address: 23, Jalan USJ 21/11, Subang Jaya, 47630 Selangor.
Operation Hours: Mon- Sun 11am – 10pm
Food Ink:

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in collaboration with FoodInk

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