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If you know me personally, you will know that I would always claim myself as a Caucasian, not for the way I look (obviously), but due to the fact that I could go on and eat bread or Western cuisines continuously for weeks and months, and I still would not get bored at all. But oh well, one of those days, my Asian blood would just decide to take over, which was why we ended up in Mama San, a restaurant that serves Asian food, with a twist! 

Mama San is the third brainchild of the award-winning chef as well as a street food enthusiast, Will Meyrick, after the success of his first and second highly raved about street food restaurants in Bali and Hong Kong. If you haven't already known, the infamous Chef Will is also one of the judges for “Top Chef” Indonesia and the host of AFC’s “Back to the Street” Jakarta.

In all honesty, prior to visiting this place, we were clueless that this place is run by some of the SEA A-listers! Neither did we know that this place was popular at all. We were simply captivated by the absolutely stunning interior! 

I adore how entering into this place is akin to time travelling, it was as if we were transported back to Shanghai in the 1920s!  Big oriental themed lamps could be spotted everywhere, quilted leather seats added a touch of luxury to the cushion seating area, glass lanterns adorning the chic yet vintage bar area, as well as old black and white photos hanging on the walls. The relatively dim environment had definitely helped in adding a touch of romance to this place! 

We have had the toughest time picking our meal! Mainly due to the vast variety of cuisine, covering famous street food from Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and even India. And it certainly didn't help when we did not understand the name of the certain food or are not familiar with some of the dishes. 

Immediately opposite of the entrance, guests are greeted by a portrait of Mama San which looks a little creepy, but absolutely beautiful with its vibrant colours! 

As we were both famished, and we wanted something that went well with rice, we picked two chicken dishes to try out!

Butter Chicken Cooked in tomato cashew nuts garam masala kasoori methi & cream
 Have it with either Jasmine Rice (Rm8) or Cheese Naan (Rm14).
I have always loved Indian food, so I had really high expectation for this dish! And may I say, it did not even disappoint me at all! The chicken was juicy and tender! They were pretty generous with the portion too! The thick and creamy curry too was very tantalising to our taste buds,
Plus points! I love love love their Jasmine rice! Sprinkles of shallots added so much taste to it! 
But we were slightly unhappy that the rice was priced so expensively, and we weren't even informed. We happily took the rice as we thought it was complimentary to any dishes ordered. 

Crispy Lemongrass Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce (RM39)
This dish was also equally delicious! 
The chicken was marinated very well with lemongrass, giving us an aromatic experience upon biting them down. It was also crispy as the name claimed. 
My favourite part of this dish was surprisingly the special recipe sweet chilli sauce! 
Unlike the commercial sweet chilli sauce which is available at the supermarket, 
it wasn't watery, and it wasn't too sweet either. 
The salad was refreshing and delicious with their slightly sour and spicy dressing too! 

Fresh mango with sticky rice and black sesame ice cream (RM20)
D and I are both coconut milk lovers, so we naturally loved this dessert! 
We thought this was one of the best mango sticky rice we have had just yet. 
As you could probably already tell from the picture, the coconut cream was really thick and creamy, 
just the way we loved it. 
Though I wish they could be more generous with their mango slices. 
Cold black sesame ice cream tasted really well with the hot coconut milk too!
You could even taste the 'sandy' texture of the black sesame in the ice cream! 
I think it was marvellous! 

Before ending this post, I would like to give their excellent customer service a shout out! When we were served with our dessert, the sticky rice wasn't thoroughly cooked. We gave our feedback to one of the waitresses, but the manager of the restaurant came out personally to apologize to us! So down to earth! We were then treated to a freshly cooked bowl of dessert, but because we were rushing to catch orchestra, the kind manager offered us to come back after the show for our fresh bowl of dessert! Besides, we couldn't finish our salad and we asked for takeaway, the manager kindly gave us a fresh and new one when we revisit them for dessert compensation after the orchestra! Too kind! 

Did you know? Chef Will's restaurant in Bali had been awarded by S. Pellegrino "The Best Restaurant in Indonesia" award and had also received a placement in "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" in 2014. You don't even need to fly across the sea to get a taste of his unique recipe! Just head down to Suria KLCC!

MamaSan @ Suria KLCC
Address: Lot G46, Ground Level, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 019-787 5810
Operating Hours: 8am - 11pm Daily.

And we had one of the best orchestras, with the award-winning Saxophonist, BRANFORD MARSALIS! It was mind-blowing! We have had an amazing date and I look forward to more similar dates like this! <3

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