KITA Pu'Th - Supplement for acne/oily skin

Struggling with acne, acne scars (PIE/PIH) and sebum overproduction? 
Tried a ton of skincare but couldn't seem to solve the problem?
I always believe that beautiful hair, skin and nails are results of well-functioning internal system.
What we consume on a daily basis is going to reflect on our skin. 
More often than not, problematic skin is a warning sign that you have been eating poorly. 

While it is without a doubt that great skincare products tackle a big part of our skin issues, but to obtain real results, it is equally crucial to take care of our skin from inside out.
After all, our skin is the largest organ of the body. 
A proper intake of nutrients is fundamental to ensure the proper functioning of cell repair, to improve our body's free radical defence system and circulation.  

I have noticed that with my packed schedule, 
it's been getting harder and harder to eat a balanced diet, much less taking the time out to consume fruits or vege which are high in antioxidant content or rich in nutrient beneficial to my skin. 
And that's why I have decided to take on the challenge by KITA Beauties and see how taking as little as one sachet of beauty supplement drink could transform my skin. 

KITA beauties is a homegrown brand, where all of their products are manufactured in our homeland in compliance to HALAL and GMP approved guidelines. 
Each and every of their products is also certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, 
so consumers can enjoy high quality product with a peace of mind. 

KITA Beauties currently have 8 products lined up,
but I was particularly most interested in trying out the KITA Pu'Th
a supplement specially targeted towards problematic skin like acne, acne scarring and sebum overproduction. 

KITA Pu'Th is formulated with active ingredients such as: 

GRAPE SEED - rich in antioxidants (Vit C and E), grape seed is great for protecting the skin from sun damage and scavenges free radicals from the environment. 
Grape seed is also acne-prone skin gal's best friend as it is highly anti-inflammatory which makes it great for calming down angry spots, reduce appearance of acne and prevent future breakouts. 

Camu camu -  it contains higher vitamin C content than any plant and also rich in niacin, both of which are great pigmentation vanisher. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid - ALA is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and therefore, anti-aging agent which can be found naturally in the mitochondria (powerhouse of cells). It’s easily absorbed into our circulation and work as as a free-radical fighter. It has the ability to repair damaged skin and protect the skin from further damage. 

KITA Pu'Th (RM28.80)
Each box comes in 10 servings, individually packed sachets (6 grams each).
The convenient packaging helps allows easy portion control and great for bringing around with you. 

It's absolutely easy to consume them! 

 Open the packaging by their easy tear edge.

 Dispense into a glass/shaker. 

 Mix with 100-150ml of warm water. 

Stir it up or shake it up to ensure that all the powder is dissolved. 

 And voila! It's ready for consumption!

It is recommended to consume one serving per day, 
ideally after breakfast for maximal effect.

 Consistent consumption of KITA Pu'Th will see results not only reflected on their radiant, firmer skin and brightened skin tone, but it's also overall great for the health thanks to its high content of antioxidants. 
Because of its all fruits ingredients, this beauty supplement drink is also suitable for those with seafood allergies. 

I have been taking KITA Pu'Th for a week now and although I haven't seen drastic change on my skin so far, but I have definitely noticed my skin looking less dull, more refined and inflamed acne has resolved in shorter period of time. 

All KITA BEAUTIES BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT including KITA Pu'Th is now available exclusively at all GUARDIAN stores

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