NION Beauty Opus Express Review

Those days where a good bar of soap or a good cleanser alone would suffice a proper cleanse were long gone since the introduction of cleansing device roughly a decade ago.
The cleansing device scene has also revolved rapidly, coping up with the pace of technology advancement.
Now with the abundance of choices available in the market, there is definitely something that would suit your budget and needs.

Without adding yet another burden to your bank account,
I am here to introduce a budget-friendly cleansing device, which is also surprisingly user-friendly and effective. 

Nion Beauty Opus is an American brand specialising in facial cleansing device made from silicone.
If you haven't yet caught up with the amazing benefits of Silicone, not only are they anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, they're also highly durable and gentle on the skin.
In contrast to the usual brush head facial cleansing device, all the facial cleansing device from Nion Beauty Opus adopted the Kinetic Skin Cleansing system, where vibration (kinetic energy) is used in place of oscillating bristles, which is commonly associated with irritation.
It is also through this kinetic energy, alongside with the incorporation of tourmaline in the silicone that negative ions will be generated.
This patented S-Ion Technology effectively attracts dirt, bacteria, dust from the deep layers of the pores to the surface, facilitating the deep cleansing process without abrasion.

Do you still remember there was a time where brush heads cleansing device was all the rave?
Almost every beauty brand released their own rendition of the said cleansing device.
But from my humble point of view, this trend has taken a step back, and I personally think that the popularity was declining, and dare I say, it's been replaced with anything Silicone.
Many people have been experiencing worse breakouts as a result of lack of education on the conventional bristles.
Many people weren't aware that the bristles need to be replaced at least once a month lest it harbours bacteria. Besides, nylon bristles coupled with the oscillating motion may irritate sensitive skin.

But with the introduction of Silicone cleansing device in the market, most of the problems associated with the traditional cleansing device is now resolved.
But the tip of the trade was its exorbitant price tag.

And that's the exact reason why I have decided to try out the more affordable option, the Nion Opus Express!
The Nion Opus Express is made to revolutionise your cleansing routine without hurting your bank account.

Opus Express (RM187.90) *comes in two colours: pink/white
Just like all the other device by Nion Opus, the Nion Opus Express is made with S-ion Technology® silicone tip for delicate yet thorough cleansing.
As mentioned earlier, the anti-microbial material makes keeping the device clean absolutely fuss-free as it is easily washed clean with water.
It also comes in a 3-Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration setting - now customising your very own cleansing routine according to your skin needs can be achieved in just one click away!
It's innovative design also allow it to be used in the shower safely.

Note: The brush head is also changeable, in case it comes to a point where the brush head requires a replacement.

This innovative cleansing device moves up and down against the skin instead of side to side, thus gently yet effectively cleanses the skin with vibrations. The kinetic energy coupled with the S-ion technology effectively draws impurities from without compromising on the skin's barrier.
Your skin is soft and smooth to the touch after every usage; whilst consistent usage of the NION's Opus Express has the ability to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin; boost radiance.

How to use:

Twist counter-clockwise to open the battery cap

Insert 2 AA batteries
Twist clockwise and make sure the cap is tightly secured

Press on the power button to select a setting that you preferred.
(1 click - High; 2 clicks- medium; 3 clicks- low; 4 clicks- off)
On days where I have a full face of make up on, I would use the higest setting to make sure I get all the gunk out of my pores.
And on a daily basis, I like the medium strength.

Wet face with water and apply cleanser

Wet silicone bristles with warm water

Gently glide Nion Opus Express across the face in a circular motion. 
(Daily cleansing- recommend 1-1.5 minutes; 
deep cleansing/ first time : 3 minutes)

Rinse with water and proceed with skincare
Rinse the device with warm water and let air dry. (use mild soap if necessary)

After using it consistently for about a month now, I must say,
I am slightly addicted to using it.
Please do note that I have oily and acne prone skin and I have to be really diligent with exfoliation to keep my acne at bay.
And I have noticed that since introducing this device into my cleansing routine,
it has replaced my twice a week physical face scrub (which is not ideal whenever my skin is particularly irritated).
To be honest, I may very well prefer using this device over the physical exfoliating scrub now.
Because it’s really non-abrasive and gentle to the skin.
I have noticed less breakout since using it, and the pores around my nose have appeared smaller,
because of less oil and dirt accumulation.
I would also get comedones or rough skin situation after a day of wearing make up, but since using this, my skin has maintained pretty smooth and radiant!
Besides, I also love how low maintenance it is!
It is easy to clean, in fact very easy to clean!
And I didn't have to worry about storage too much, I just need to place it at a well-ventilated area and let it air dry by itself.
The device is very lightweight and the handle is also really ergonomic to hold, it prevents me from exerting too much pressure onto my skin and the rounded design of the brush head gets to the nooks and crannies on my face fairly easily.

However, there are some drawbacks:
1. It would have been so much nicer if this device comes with a timer so that I know when to stop and I didnt have to faff with an extra timer around me.
2. If you use products with grains or authentic particles in it, it makes cleansing the device rather difficult. Using a grained cleanser may create tiny openings on the silicone and causes dirt accumulation; using product enriched with natural ingredients like green tea in my case, will get mushed into brushes and you will have to take extra time to clean them off. But then again, you honestly don't need to use additional exfoliating particles on top of the Nion Opus Express as it does the exfoliating job well on its own. 

If you're going on a holiday and you don't want to be carrying your device around with you, you could also get the

OPUS 2Go ( pack of 3 units)
RSP RM 140.90
*comes in 3 colours: white/blue/pink
This DISPOSABLE cleansing brush will last you up to 20 days of usage!
Though small, you will still be benefited from their pioneering S-ion Technology®!

My favourite thing about the Opus 2go is definitely the tear-dropped design which really elevates my cleansing experience around the corner of my nose where blackheads are abundant. 

Press it vertically to activate the device. 

And voila, it's ready to do its job. 

The entire device is also water-resistant!

I personally think that this device is perfect for those who are looking to get started with a cleansing device but couldn't justify spending a fortune on it.
This device lets you test the water without breaking the bank, whilst delivering outstanding results.
Its user-friendly setting and low maintenance storage features are great for beginners.
This would also make a great gift to your beauty addict friends!

P/s. If you're no longer a beginner with these beauty cleansing device, there are a ton of advanced cleaning device from Nion Beauty for you to choose from!
These and all the other devices can be obtained from:

Official Store

WATSONS (both offline and online) 
Available at selected Watsons stores



For more information about NION BEAUTY:

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