SEKA Whitening+ Lotion Review

Fermented skincare ingredients are some of the most highly sought after ingredients, especially in the Asian beauty realm.
I'd personally jumped on this bandwagon about 3 years ago and have never looked back since.

So what got me hooked?
Does fermented skincare really do wonder?
Is it suited for all skin type?

Well, just to recap, I have oily, acne prone skin, with redness, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation.
I wouldn't say that adding an additional step, the Essence into my skincare regime changed my skin overnight, but I have definitely seen a difference on my pores issues, luminosity and hydration level over the years.

While I wish I could recommend SK-II to everyone out there,
I am well aware that SK-II is not at all budget-friendly,
and not everyone could justify paying such a big sum of money just on an additional skincare step.

But today, I am introducing to you SEKA, a brand new Japanese skincare brand and their star product, The SEKA Whitening+ Lotion, a product I'd like to think as a dupe for the prestigious SK-II with pretty similar benefits! 

So what is all the rave revolving fermented ingredients?
The fermentation process has long been a common practice in the food industry where it involves biologically enhancing ingredients to increase their nutritional value.
And the same concept applies to skincare!
 Fermentation process breaks down active ingredients with the help of good bacteria which would then enable these active ingredients to be readily absorbed into the skin. The fermentation process also makes the ingredients become much richer in antioxidants and amino acids, which have an incredibly beneficial effect on the skin.

SEKA combines the benefit of pure spring water from Mt. Fuji with the Japanese age-old technique of fermentation using Lactobacillus Fermented Liquid to achieve
skin rejuvenation. 

Lactobacillus Fermented Liquid is an enzyme concentrate made from over 70 kinds of
carefully selected organic crops including black rice that is rich in nutrients. Sourced from a
20 over years of pesticide-free production farm, this black rice is free from hazardous metal which would cause skin irritation.

The fermentation process takes as long as 3.5 years (!!!) using 15 kinds of botanical lactic acid. This process produces 20 kinds of beneficial amino acid and D-amino acid, while depolymerises vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to enhance the absorption of nutrients into the skin.

Meanwhile, Mt. Fuji’s Spring Water is naturally filtered and purified while passing through the volcanic rocks thereby picking up to 34 key minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, as well as traces of zinc great for skin regeneration, and silicon, known to keep skin firm and moisturised. Mt. Fuji’s Spring Water's small water cluster value also allows deeper penetration into the skin.

The SEKA Whitening+ Lotion improves the following: 
Spots (Skin blemish) 

SEKA WHITENING+ LOTION (120ml) worth RM239
It has an extremely runny consistency with no thickness to it whatsoever.
It is as thin and clear as water.
But what sets it apart from just patting normal water into your skin is that it's packed with nutrients such as citron extract and coenzyme Q10 to promote blood circulation and skin cell activation
and eliminate dull and tired looking skin.

If you have tried SK-II before, I am pretty sure you know that it takes some getting used to the pungent "foul smell" which is a result of the fermentation.
To get rid of the pungent smell and to provide a more friendly user experience, SEKA Whitening+ Lotion is infused with Geranium, a scent known to uplift the mood and promote emotional wellness. In the recent years, Geranium has also been largely utilised in skincare to soothe inflamed skin and treat acne.

How to use it:

After toning and before moisturising the skin.

Put a few drops into the palm.

Do the therapist swipe to ensure product is evenly distributed into both hands.

Start patting the products into the face until absorbed. 
Note that you shouldn't apply too much force and you shouldn't feel the pain while patting onto your skin. 

You may repeat this step a few more times if you want to further hydrate your skin. 
I like to go in this step twice to hydrate my dehydrated but oily skin, 
and my skin usually just drinks up the lotion in no time and help subsequent skincare absorbs so much easier! 

I use SEKA Whitening+ Lotion both day and night after toner, especially focusing on my cheek area where I have concerns of discolouration, enlarged pores and dehydration. 
Using this in the morning really perked my skin up whilst setting my mood right for the rest of the day thanks to its uplifting scent and its refreshing feeling on the skin. 
My skin remains well hydrated until the evening. 
Using this at night before bed also makes sure that my skin is given enough time to repair and regenerate itself throughout the night while providing sufficient hydration. 
The geranium scent also helped in calming down my mood and prepares my mind for unwinding.

The essence step will not give you overnight results but with consistent usage, in the long run,
you will notice a visible difference in your skin clarity, suppleness, and radiance.
I may not have flawless and perfect skin,
but the way my skin illuminates and glow definitely give off the impression of how healthy my skin looks despite the scars and hyperpigmentation I may have!
This product also hasn't been breaking me out, if anything, it helped eradicate breakouts in a much shorter time than my skin normally would.

I personally would recommend this to anyone who's new to fermented skincare or probiotic skincare.
Its friendly price tag makes owning one of these products possible and its aesthetically pleasing bottle will also add an elegant touch to your vanity.

Other products included in the line are SEKA WHITENING+ CLEANSER (120ml, RM179) and SEKA WHITENING+ SERUM (30ml, RM289). 

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For more details regarding SEKA brand and products, do check out their social media:
Official SEKA’s website:

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