Omulab PJ Section 17- Innovative omelette dishes

This place is for the omelette lovers. 
I love my eggs and I can't live a day without consuming eggs in any form.
When we were researching for food in PJ, this popped up and we were instantly drawn to the fluffy texture of the omelette seen in pictures. 

We needed to verify the fluffiness in real life. 
So we went there immediately and were shocked to see that the seatings in the premise were fully occupied. 
We waited for a while before we were given a seat. 

To be honest, this premise is a little too small to accommodate the number of diners they had. 
We practically had to move through the throngs to get to our seat.
We were given a high stool seating area, which was slightly uncomfortable for meals. 

It took us quite a while before the waiter attended to us, despite our diligent waving. 
They were more keen on getting people seated than serving us it seems. 

Let's turn the spotlight to the menu, 
the menu is pretty simple, with all dishes revolves around omelettes. 
You get brunch dishes and some mains. 
The prices are a little steep in contrast to the type of the food they serve (easy to prepare type) and the ingredients they use. 
Also, good news to the non-dairy drinkers, they do serve vegan lattes with soy milk replacement!
And there are a ton of options for lattes! 

We tried the Hojicha latte Rm12
It surprisingly tasted really weird.
I couldn't taste the Hojicha, and there seemed to be a strong coffee taste to it. 
And the hojicha was burnt too. 
So it was basically a cup of burnt milky drink. 
When we gave the barista our feedback, 
they were in denial and said there was nothing wrong with it and it should never have. 
So we stopped arguing and just bear in mind that their coffee is a no-go should we ever revisit. 

Move on to the main dishes. 

Tomato Army RM19.90
It's essentially Kimchi fried rice and tomato sauce at the side. 
The presentation was some of the cutest I have ever seen. 
The omelette was so nicely shaped it looked like it was a bun. 

And when you cut through the middle, 
it splits and unrolled itself to unveil its absolutely fluffy texture.
It was quite a sight.

And underneath we have the rice. 
Honestly, we really enjoyed the rice.
It was flavourful, the rice came in the most ideal chewy texture; when juxtaposed to the soft and fluffy omelette (which by the way didn't have much taste to it and I wonder why) it created an interesting multilayered texture. 
The omelette was fluffy and it melts in our mouth. 
But I had wished it was more flavourful. 
Also during our second visit, the omelette got a little too damp for our liking. 
So I guess it's fair to say the omelette lacks consistency?

Omu Hamburg Steak 24.90
Again, when it comes to presentation, I totally understand why their dishes are so hyped up!
They are totally cute and instaworthy! 

And with all of their dishes, you get to catch the unrolling of the omelette,
which later on covered the entire hamburg steak and pretty much worked as the bun for the burger steak, get it? 

But the omlette was too bland to provide any additional taste to the burger steak.
The burger steak was all right, it tasted like just another frozen burger steak, 
it was pretty dry. 
The vegetables were so bland and raw that they totally dull the whole dish. 
I think the dish would have tasted so much better if they made the effort to fire grill those vege and give them an additional flavour to complement the dish. 
So this dish was a total fail in our opinion. 

We tried their Omu Seafood Yaki Udon (RM20.90) and Omu Kare (RM18.90), both of which were pretty mediocre. 
Out of all the dishes we have tried, I would say the Tomato Army was the best, mainly because it was so flavourful. 
But truthfully, the unrolling omelette gets boring after a while. 

Will I ever visit them again after my two visits, 
I will firmly say no. 
But if you've yet to try out their food yet, 
I would still recommend giving them a try! 
It was honestly so fun the first time we visited.
But keep your expectations low. 
The place also isn't family friendly so just bear that in mind. 

Address: 7, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours: 10:30AM–10:15PM
Contact: 03-7492 7506

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