Authentic Japanese Restaurant Kimi-Ya in Old Klang Road, PJ

Nestled under a luxurious residence, this lesser known area keeps seeing returning patrons, 
you may wonder why? 
But I guess the answer is obvious, nothing attracts crowds like good food does. 
And we witnessed it with our own eyes, how this place was almost always fully occupied,
despite its slightly deserted location. 

Stunning wooden exterior with a traditional looking storefront adorning its own name, 
the streamlined design with a touch of traditional elements was reminiscent of an extravagant Japanese restaurant, which  I was pretty sure would have my wallet bleeding as soon as I flipped the menu open.
But this place was actually so much more approachable on many levels,
from the cozy settings to the affordable meal sets.

Dimly lit environment, three rows of seatings comfortably spaced, an intimate sushi bar area, this place radiates elegance from every nook and crannies in the premise. 
If you must, there are also private rooms for private functions/celebrations. 

If you have a keen eye for detail, you may have spotted some treasures amongst their vast collection of Japanese Whiskeys like we did. 

We had a private session with the owner himself one afternoon, and we were nothing less than intrigued as he filled us in with stories behind each dish. 
We couldn't help but appreciate the dishes more as we watched him speaks with such enthusiasm. 

We kickstarted this gastronomic journey with: 

Asari Hoiru Butter Yaki
- Clams and Shimeji Mushrooms in Dashi Soup with Unsalted Butter

This mediocre looking dish was a gem! 
Immerse in an uplifting olfactory experience upon unveiling what's hidden underneath the aluminium foil. 
The soup was so fragrant we could almost felt it on our tongue. 
Taking a sip brought us to paradise. 
The clear soup was sweet, but not in an artificial manner, attributed by the freshness of the seafood,
and ended with an interesting buttery taste, which was quite unexpected of any Japanese cuisine. 
One sip would definitely have you longing for more. 

It's no doubt a great dish to indulge on a cold stormy day, 
or regardless of the weather, 
because this soup is akin to a hug for your soul. 

Unagi Special Roll
- Omelette and Cucumber Roll with Seared Unagi, Cream Cheese and Sesame Seed Topping

Before you regard it as an ordinary Unagi roll available at just about any Japanese restaurant and dismiss it, this unagi roll is so much more than just slapping pieces of unagi onto some rice and be done. 
The tender unagi was wrapped with caramelised unagi sauce and grilled to golden brown perfection. 
The caramelised unagi sauce gave a sweet taste without being overpowering and most importantly, doesn't annoyingly stick to your teeth. 
The unagi itself, is thick and squishy, but not being too chewy nor too soft. 
The soft texture was then balanced out with bits of crunchy cucumber rolled in the rice while the sweet flavour of the unagi was elevated with a touch of saltiness and nutty flavour thanks to the cream cheese and sesame seed. 
This roll just hit all the right spot for me! 

Tofu Salada
- Tofu with Assorted Vegetables 
- 3 type of home dressing: Sesame Dressing / Wafu Dressing / Yuzu Dressing

D would well know by now that if I could, I'd always opt for plant-based dishes. 
But I somehow just couldn't eat Japanese salad due to its calories dense dressing which could is no doubt absolutely delicious but gets cloying after a while. 
Since then I have given up on Japanese salad altogether.

But things changed when I tasted these delicious dressing that comes with Kimi-Ya's salad! 
My favourite was definitely the Yuzu dressing. 
Anyone who knows me would know that I hate mixing fruits into my vege, 
I just don't think they taste good together.
But somehow, the Yuzu dressing in the salad worked for me! 
 It was light and refreshing, which, I thought worked incredibly well with the crunchy greens.

Gyu Garlic Rice Ishiyaki
- Garlic Fried Rice Topped with Stir-Fried Sliced Marinated Beef with White Sesame, Fried Garlic and Spring Onion

A strong and aromatic "wok-hei" on top of the fragrant garlic taste,
the rice on its own has already won my heart over.
The dish was then made even more sumptuous with the layer of tender and juicy beef slices.
Marinated to add the perfect amount of taste without covering the original freshness of the beef,
I wouldn't have this dish any other way. 

Taraba Gani (150g)
- Grilled King Crab with Salt

The absolute fresh and sweet taste of the King Crab needed no extra flavouring.
Just a pinch of salt and a tiny bit of lemon drizzled on top,
this dish was easily the best appetiser I've ever had in ages. 

Hokkaido Uni (Sea Urchin)

Famed as one of the top Japanese delicacies, 
these Sea Urchins are the reason why people flocked to Kimi-Ya in the mid-year each year. 
I am pretty sure everyone is unanimous about the hefty price tag that comes along with Uni, 
but at Kimi-Ya, patrons are not only guaranteed with the freshest and most generous servings of Uni, 
they are so much more affordable too. 
We had the opportunity to try them and was blown away by the smooth and buttery texture of the uni, and a unique aroma that accompanies the sea urchin. 

Kaisen Bento

For times when you're feeling particularly famished, and needed a balanced meal complete with your carbs, protein source, soup and some sweet treats at the end of the meal, 
you can always count on their Kaisen Bento to do the job. 
What makes this Bento different from what's offered in the usual Japanese restaurant is that, 
you get 3 of the best things of Japanese food, 
the Unagi, the grilled salmon and the crispy tempura. 

Matsu Sashimi Moriawase (4 Types) 
- Salmon, White Tuna, Amberjack and Tuna 

These sashimi were the finest cuts we have had in a long long while. 
Smooth and buttery texture that melts in your mouth, 
these sashimi were clearly well taken care of under the hands of the experts, 
there were no foul fishy smell, 
and the cut were neither too thin nor thick which could sometimes get a little cloying. 
We would just savour these awesomeness all day if we could.

Zaru Soba  
- Cold Buckwheat Noodles served with Dipping Sauce

There's so much more about just a mundane plate of noodles and what may look like a cup of soy sauce. 
There's an art in savouring these noodles. 
First, you gotta take a small amount of noodle, and try the noodle on its own.
At this stage, you get to savour the springy texture of the noodle and the aromatic wheat fragrance that's really subtle but not undetectable from the noodles.
Next, you get some more of the noodles, dip them into the sauce, and slrrrpppp!
Subsequently, you could start adding the other toppings such as spring onions, eggs and of course wasabi!
You are encouraged to take a little bit of wasabi alongside with your noodles prior to dipping them into the sauce, which has now been added with spring onions and eggs.
Again, slurpppp away!
This is how you enjoy the multi-layered tastes of zaru soba and it's actually so much fun! 

Zaru Inaniwa Udon
- Cold Thin Wheat Noodles Served with Dipping Sauce

As it is also a cold noodle dish, the way to relish in this dish is pretty much the same as the Zaru Soba, but with a different type of noodle.
Now based on your personal preference, you may prefer one type of noodle to the other.
Udon has a more chewy texture and you eat in smaller portions each time because of the width of the noodles.
But otherwise, the multi-layered sensorial experience is just the same!  

Kanpachi Carpaccio
- Thinly Sliced Amberjack with Carpaccio Sauce
This is not for the faint of heart.
It has a unique texture that is a lovely mixture of both soury, savoury and a little spicy.
It is unique and a little out of our comfort zone by the look of it,
but it is actually incredibly fun to have a bursting of flavours in your mouth,
as it is a cold dish, it's rather refreshing too!
If you taste buds are in for an adventure, this is definitely something to try out. 

All Japanese cuisine lovers are ought to try out Kimi-Ya. 
Although we were newly introduced to this restaurant, 
but dare I say, it has just topped our list as the best casual Japanese restaurant we have ever visited. 
We absolutely adored the freshness of the ingredients and how everything is prepared with so much thought and effort.
Although the menu sits on a higher price point, but I do think it's worth every penny spent. 

To keep yourself updated to their latest promo, head over to
Kimi-Ya Facebook:

Address: G-2, Avantas Residences, 162 Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6013- 239 3406
Business Hour: Mon- Thurs 12pm- 3pm, 6pm- 10.30pm ; Fri– Sun 11.30am- 3pm, 6pm- 11pm

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