Birch DC Mall KL - Brunch at an instagram-worthy cafe

If you haven't heard of this word, or this place, or seen a photo of this place on your Instagram,
I will have to assume that you've been living under the rock all these while. 
Famed for its stunning decor, and an incredible selection of food on the menu,
Birch, is the IT-place for brunch lovers or cafe-goers in the year of 2018. 

If you haven't managed to pay them a visit just yet, 
perhaps you could visit them vicariously through my pictures and description below! 

All thanks to the countless Instagram posts surfaced over the months, 
this place was so insanely hyped up that getting a "photogenic" seat without prior reservation was practically impossible. 
We have tried our luck with walk-in for the first time and were smacked with a 2 hour waiting time which we then walked away. 
Several months later, when we have noticed a substantial plummet on the hype revolving this place,  we took the chance again and we finally got our asses in! 
However, we were given the most unpleasant seat by the beverage counter. 

I mean, it was a sight staring at the world goes by in a corner of the busiest cafe in KL, 
but due to its unstrategic location, this place was not blessed with the best ventilation.
In addition, the frequent use of what seems like a "back-door' just right beside us allowed a constant rush of hot air towards our direction, 
which overall exacerbated the condition. 
We were sweating quite a bit until the rain finally showered upon us and lowered the temperature by a tad. 
But when we just began to rejoice over the cooler temperature, 
we noticed we got pissed on because the roof above us was leaking. 

Would I say I had a pleasant experience here? 
Probably not. 

Unpleasant experience aside, 
I gotta be honest, this place looks phenomenal!
The premise was sectioned into a few areas each exudes different vibes that being in a different corner totally feels like you're in a different place!
Head to the main area with tables arranged at the circumference of the premise for a chill day out.
This place, you get to bask in tremendous sunlight shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows,
making it the perfect setting to snap a photo to enhance your Instagram feed.
There are also 2 corners which feel somewhat enclosed, adorned with long tables to fit larger groups. 
Those who have a soft spot for baked goods will find themselves getting lost in the area near to the bakery, you will get to watch various cakes being taken out to be served to other tables while enjoying the free smell.
We were seated at the bar area, like I mentioned earlier, felt like it was the best place to watch the hustle and bustle of the cafe.

Latte RM11
 RM4 for barista series Almond Milk

It's hard to find a good almond milk latte in our country so I was over the moon when I saw that they provided the option to upgrade our drink. 
Although it tasted all right, but I genuinely think that I wasn't given the Barista series almond milk
They can't fool me because that's what I have been adding into my English breakfast tea every single morning for more than a year now. 
The milk was a tad too diluted in my opinion and it wasn't as creamy as I what I am used to. 

Baked eggs, harissa spiced tomato and red pepper stew, Greek feta, crispy kale Choice of toasted 7-grain sourdough or crusty white

Upon revealing the content underneath, I was shocked in horror, and demanded for an exchange. 
The food wasn't rotten or anything, 
but there was a pool of oil underneath the fried kale. 
There was no way I could eat anything underneath the pool of oil without getting the oil as it was sticking to everything in the pan. 
I have had my fair share of shaksuka prior to this and none of them was this greasy. 
Thankfully they allowed an exchange. 
I would not recomment their shakshuka at all. 

Spicy pulled chicken, barbecue sauce, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on toasted 7-grain sourdough, with charred cherry tomato and green salad on the side

After much disappointment from the first dish, I guess we kept our expectations pretty low. 
And this dish turned out to be pretty impressive? 
The eggs were poached to perfection, where the egg white was firm and bouncy while the yolk was runny. 
The pull pork was another surprise. 
It was incredibly flavourful, with a hint of spiciness that tantalizes your taste bud. 
The fresh and crunchy greens were a great contrast to the soft and chewy texture of the pulled chicken. 

Cured salmon, crab meat, pumpkin, braised shimeji mushroom, togarashi, micro greens

We opted for this dish in place of the grease mess shaksuka that is. 
We chose this with our mind clouded with frustration and disappointment. 
But guess what?
It turned out to be the winner of the day. 
The interesting combination of miso and smoked salmon was never possible in my wildest imagination but together they sent me to savoury heaven. 
Porridge has a thick and goopy texture, which I appreciate, or else it would have been a hot mess trying to eat them on the high stool. 
I also love how the porridge is absolutely fragrant and flavourful on its own, 
but could be enhanced further when paired with the smoked salmon. 
I would definitely recommend this dish who can't leave their oriental side even when brunching. 

We didn't get the chance to try out their baked goods,
but judging from their appearance,
they sure look tempting. 
If you haven't already known, all these baked goods are from their sister brand, the Huckleberry Food and Fare.  

Overall, this place is definitely worth a visit just to experience the ambiance. 
Their food is priced a little higher than I am willing to spend on an average day. 

Birch at Damansara City Mall
Address: Ground Floor Jalan Damanlela Lot G10/11 Damansara City Mall, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 9am-1am; Saturday: 9am-2am; Sunday: 9am-11pm
Contact:  03-2011 5966

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