Makamakan by Jibby @ GLO

Who still remembers the days when Jibby & Co. (read here and here)was flooded with throngs of brunch lovers wanting to taste their food and just check-into the pretty interior design on their Instagrams? 
Well, I sure do.

Having just paid a visit to Jibby & Co. fairly recently, I must say, though I am not the biggest fan of their food and the price point, I still adore their interior design. That explains why I got a little too excited about their new outlet - Makamakan by Jibby at Glo Damansara KL. 

After arriving at this place, I can confirm that this place had definitely lived up to my expectation, stunning mural adorning the entire wall inside the premise, a touch of opulence with the use of gold hardware and an ostensibly industrial vibe with the wide folding door, it was absolutely modern and chic. But I'd say I am not the biggest fan of the overall layout of this place. 

Located just on the lower ground of the newly opened mall, Makamakan by Jibby is incredibly difficult to locate all due to its unstrategic location (i.e. at the end of the stretch of the row of restaurants which by the way has no access from the inside of the mall). The outlet gives me the impression that they emphasizes more on al fresco dining than indoor dining judging from the small space and the limited dining table indoor and abundance of tables outside. 

While it is a pretty sight to look at while sitting outdoor, I always think it's not the most practical setting given the blazing heat that's bestowed on us on a fairly frequent basis. 

On the food front, they have quite an interesting menu. 
If you like modern western food with an Asian twist, I'd imagine you relishing in every dish they have here. 

Double Stack Grass Fed Beef (RM30)
As the name suggests, this burger comes with 2 pieces of patty! 
It's literally a dream comes true moment for D. 
The beef patty was tender and succulent, paired with the rich and appetizing red sauce and a hint of saltiness that comes from the melted cheese, this dish was how I'd wish all burgers to taste like. 
The "Asian" side of this dish has got to be the unique and absolutely delicious sauce. 
And plus points, this dish was surprisingly filling despite its petite size. 

Crab meat scrambled egg with ikura and Thai sauce
Either you're a fan of crab or not, I reckon you should give this a try! 
Soft and buttery eggs mixed in with a generous amount of crab flesh (which by the way, does not taste artificial at all), smothered on top of soft and fluffy sourdough. 
This combination was definitely unique but surprisingly delicious. 
I liked popping a tiny bit of Thai chilli sauce over the scrambled eggs to add a layer of interesting flavour. 

Overall, I think it's worth making a trip down to Glo just to give them a try. 
Not only you will be leaving the premise brimming from satisfied tummy, it will not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket too. 

MakaMakan by Jibby at Glo Damansara
Address:  LG 11 & 11AL, Glo Damansara Mall, 699, Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 60000
Contact:  +60 3 7732 4874

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