Hatyai Day 2

After a well-spent evening stuffing our tummy with endless food, 
we had a good night sleep before waking up to another day of food hunting! 
Unlike most #hispters who go to Hatyai for insta-worthy cafe,
we went there to get a taste of the locals! 

We walked through the busy streets to get to our destination, the morning market. 

The shops were opened pretty early, perfect for breakfast! 

Fresh flowers everywhere! 

Picked up a sun hat as I go. 

We had our breakfast at one of the shops which I can't remember the name now. 
But they served pretty good chicken rice and noodles, both of which we enjoyed. 

We also visited the morning market again in the morning to pick up a ton of dried food! 
I highly recommend getting nuts, fish mow and meat floss there! 

We left our shopping bags in the hotel before heading out for sight-seeing! 

It's incredibly easy to get around in Hatyai! 
All you need to do is to hail a tuk-tuk, bargain the price, hop on it, and enjoy the ride! 

Our first stop was the Hat Yai Municipal Park! 

There was a small staircase to climb, which I have enjoyed every bit of it, for its comforting mild breeze on a hot sunny afternoon! 

At the end of the hilly staircase walk, you will be greeted with a Giant Three-headed Elephant which is also the entrance to a temple. 

This place was stunning! 
But the merciless sun made us more lethargic than we've ever been. 
We said a few prayers, took a few quick snaps and proceeded to our next stop. 

All of these temples are in the vicinity of each other, so traveling around with a designated tuk-tuk is absolutely hassle-free! 

Anyway, our next stop was the Standing Buddha Temple! 

This place was peaceful and stunning in every way possible. 
But it was probably one of the most difficult places to tour around ever, 
because there was practically no roof or shade at all!

We practically had to walk under the 12p.m sun to see the temple. By the time we saw the statue, we were hit by a horrible migraine and so we had to stop all the temple visiting altogether. 

It was too hot for us to handle. 

We then headed back to the town to refuel! 

Our lunch was hearty and delicious! 
It was Kuey Chap at a stall opposite of Ambassador Hotel. 
The clear soup was flavourful but not greasy. 
You have the option to eat it with the rolled kuey teow or without. 
I liked the one with rolled kuey teow in it! 

Didn't manage to snap a picture, but we also ordered fried kuey teow from the stall just a few doors next to this. 
It's different from what we have here in Malaysia, it's different from the Penang style friend kuey teow that we are used to; it's pretty bland but I like the chunky keuy teow slices they used! 

We then continued to wander around the streets. 

As it was the weekend, there was a weekend bazaar going on! 
We spent a good few hours exploring local food! 
We loved Thai coconut and cut fruits! 

At night we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant. 
Seafood restaurant in Hatyai is considered to be upmarket restaurants, 
so do expect higher price points. 

We randomly walked into a restaurant so I didn't manage to jot down the name.
But it's located at the seafood street, and it looked like they were targeting mainly at tourists. 
Anyway, if you're keen, just walk into any and I am pretty sure they sell pretty much the same thing.

After dinner, we explored the night market for a bit more (make sure to get those Thailand seaweed snacks!) before heading for a relaxing foot massage session. 

We then wrapped up our day with some simple 7-11 snacks shopping! 

We left Hatyai pretty early the next day to avoid getting caught in the immigration office queue again. 
I feel like there is so much more to see in Hatyai, but time didn't permit. 

I do look forward to exploring more of Hatyai but honestly, the thought of queueing under the hot sun for 6 hours or so is killing me. 

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