I usually take the opportunity to sleep a little longer to make up for my lack of sleep on the weekdays. 

But, #parksoncardsqaudz got me wide awake early in the morning to be amongst the few lucky bunch to catch a glimpse of the #parksoncardsquadz Mobile Truck before they embark on their journey, followed by an intense sweat session with Maggy Wang of Move with Maggy.

The event was held at the carpark 2, The Waterfront Desa Park City. 

People started flocking and filling up the car park way before sunrise. At 8am sharp, right after the emcee introduced the #parksoncardsquadz Mobile Truck, the crowd witnessed the historical unveiling of the mobile truck. 

Just before the workout session kick started, the crowd was in jubilant for the surprise appearance of the Hafiz and Guibo from FLY FM alongside the rest of the FLY FM cruises, all clad in active wear, ready to move with the crowd. 

The workout session was empowering and exhilarating at the same time, all thanks to Maggy Wang and Joseph Lee (Head coach of Move with Maggy)'s unrelenting motivation and interesting set of moves! Hafiz and Guibo also joined in the fun and sweat with the bunch of active enthusiasts, made the entire session a more enjoyable one. 

The sweat session lasted for an hour and wrapped up with a group photo with the #parksoncardsquadz

With the launch of the #parksoncardsquadz Mobile Truck, it marked the beginning of the tour of #parksoncardsquadz Mobile Truck all around Klang Valley! 
From 1st April 2018 to 15th of September 2018, Fridays to Sundays, a 15-foot commercial truck will roam the streets with 72 locations, including hot hangout spots, night and morning markets, corporate offices, parks food courts and more! 

Get rewarded with a Parkson Card Gold and a complimentary Parkson Card foldable Zip Bag when you sign up for a Parkson Card at the Recruitment Corner
Many games are prepared to keep the #parksoncardsquadz entertained in the mobile truck. 
Enjoy a session of Virtual Reality (VR) game, or indulge in some of their monthly alternating games, namely Water Pong, and Fear Factor etc. Winners could even walk way with cool Parkson Card Merchandise/ Parkson Card Merchant Partners merchandise or even vouchers! 

For those who are wondering, some of the Parkson Card privileges included exclusive brand offers, merchant partners privileges, cross border privileges, birthday privileges and the list goes on. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to know more about Parkson Card! Be on the lookout to visit the #parksoncardsquadz Mobile Truck

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