Minimal Skincare routine with Althea's Bare Essential Skincare

This blog post is aimed at 
1. people who've been on acne treatments for a long period but still getting acne frequently
2. People with extensive skincare routine and not seeing desirable improvements
3. People who are overwhelmed by the amount of skincare in the market
4. People who are lost in building their very own skincare regime

If you're struggling from all of the above, I highly recommend you to take a step back,
and re-evaluate all the skincare products you have been using on your skin and perhaps start minimising your skincare routine! 

This is what I have personally tried and tested and proven effective to tackle my aggravated, acne-prone skin.
And it's not difficult to start at all, all you'll need to do is to go ahead and skincare fast for at least a month!
Doing so would help rebuild our skin's barrier function.
All the harsh cleansing and strong topical acne treatments may have been the causative agents of your angry and sensitive skin as a result of the damaged skin barrier.
Thus, cutting down your skincare steps actually forces your skin to recover and regenerate itself.

Minimising skin care starts with taking out:
acne treatment
harsh cleanser 

And minimising your skincare routine to the simple 3 steps system: 
gentle cleansing
hydrating toner
AM- sun protection

To do so, I have been using Althea's Bare Essentials skincare regime!

If you're not familiar with Althea, it is a premier online beauty shopping destination that provides the latest beauty products, trends, and lifestyle to consumers in South East Asia!

With many people getting overwhelmed by the myriad of Korean and Western skincare available in the market, it encouraged Althea to launch this range of highly anticipated skincare line which is free of any unnecessary steps and focuses only on the fundamentals of the skincare!
Althea's Bare Essential skincare line is produced to make people all around the world to fall in love with skincare again!

Forget about 10 steps skincare routine which may actually be a burden to your skin if you use it in the wrong way.
Simplify your skincare with the Althea's Bare Essential range which comes in as little as 3 products and covers the 3 essential skin care steps:-
Cleansing, toning, and moisturising!

Step 1:
Cleanse your skin with the CONTOUR CLEANSER (RM23)

The Althea's Bare Essential Contour Cleanser contains microcapsules which pop when comes in contact with water to gently exfoliate the skin while effectively lift the impurities from your pores.

A little goes a really long way.
Just squeeze a pea-sized amount of cleanser onto wet palm,  lather it up slightly before massaging all over your face.

The key ingredients Ice Plant and Lemon Verbena Leaf left a refreshing and a slight cooling (not minty) sensation on the skin after cleansing.
It works really gently on the skin without stripping any moisture from the skin.
My skin felt clean and incredibly comfortable after using it, without the tight feeling (an indication of water loss). This product also has no scent so I don't have to worry about any irritation at all!

Step 2:
Tone your skin with the (PRIMER WATER RM43)

This product is a primer and toner hybrid all thanks to its patented dewdrop technology which plumps up the skin and smooths out any texture.

Althea's Bare Essential Primer Water also contains Snow lotus which is a powerful anti-aging ingredient! Consistent usage of snow lotus has also been associated with radiant and youthful looking skin!

Unlike usual toner which has a very runny consistency, this toner, however, is more viscous in texture, which means, you can skip the cotton round and pat this directly onto the skin. Well, at least that's how I prefer to do it.
Patting it directly on the skin feels as though I am feeding my skin with bursts of hydration, my skin just drinks it up! The thicker texture makes application really easy as none of the product drips between my fingers and goes to waste.
My skin does feel more plumped and bouncy after using it!
This product has a light fragrance to it, but it's not too overpowering! I find the fragrance soothing and relaxing.
I also adore how it comes in a twist cap, reducing any risk of explosion if I travel with this bottle! The clear bottle also tells me how much product I have left so that I can always replenish my stock when my supply is running low!

Step 3:
Moisturise your skin with the (FIXER CREAM RM50)

This lightweight fixer cream that has a watery-gel consistency that packs a punch!
It provides 24-hour long hydration to the skin, keeping skin fresh and hydrated all day long!

Many people have the misconception about acne-prone skin not needing to moisturise at all.
Skipping moisturiser dehydrates the skin and the skin will then compensate by secreting more sebum to the surface of the skin.
Those who have been complaining that their moisturiser breaks them out should give this product a go!
Its lightweight texture moisture the skin without clogging the pores.
It also leaves a smooth canvas after application.
The light fragrance also made the application such a joy!
This moisturiser is formulated with trehalose that hydrates the skin and prevents transepidermal water loss; green tea that scavenges harmful radicals; and Baobab tree extract that improve the elasticity of the skin and repair the skin's barrier.

And that's how I've minimised my skincare routine into these 3 basic steps and it's life changing!
Not only does it save so much time and money, it saves my skin from unnecessary stress too!

It's your turn to make a change too!

For those who are interested, all of the products mentioned are now available on Althea's official website!

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