Product Empties 2018

I have collected yet another bag of product empties which I am eager to share with all of you my thoughts on them! 

Let's get started! 
I have a mixture of makeup, body care, hair care and skin care to go through this time! 

1. Tony Moly The Green Tea No Wash Cleansing Water
I got sent this from the Althea S.O.S beauty box last year and had been using consistently since then. 
Tony Moly Green Tea cleansing water was effective yet gentle on the skin. 
It didn't strip the moisture off my skin, instead, it left my skin feeling supple and thoroughly cleansed. 
This product also worked well for my acne-prone skin. 

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance in candlelight
Judging from the packaging, it's not hard to tell that I have had this forever. 
It was my first ever eyeshadow primer. 
Personally, I preferred Too Faced eyeshadow primer over the Urban Decay's for its flush of champagney colour all over my lid. 
It held my eye shadow and eye liners in place all day, and it was easy to apply. 
But the product got hardened after using halfway through made squeezing the product out a challenge. 
They have also changed their packaging now and I can't wait to pick up the new ones and see how it fares! 

3. Nyx Eyebrow pencil
These eyebrow pencils had the consistency of a crayon. 
They are not too thin and not too thick, makes filling in the sparse area and defining the arch really easy! 
However, they are not my absolute favourite because of:
a. it does not come with a spoolie, just a brush, which is not very useful at blending out harsh lines
b. their colours are leaning towards warm tone, which doesn't necessarily work well when I have ash/ cool toned hair. 

4. Innisfree eyebrow pencils
I love these eyebrow pencils for everyday use! 
It comes with a semi-waxy pencil (pretty good staying power) and it has a functional spoolie at the other end. 
They have different tones of brown to suit most Asian skin tone/ hair colours. 
The pencil comes in a rectangular shape, which may not be a favourite for many, though I find it amazing at filling in the brows in a hurry (me, every morning at 5.45am). 
As much as I adore the products, I absolutely dislike the packaging. 
The labels fade after a few usages, and the caps eventually break. 
The loosened cap slides off so easily it makes storing them such a pain in the arse. 
Having the same cap for both ends also means you have to guess which side is the pencil and which side is the spoolie each time you use the product. 

5. Clarins UV PLus Day Screen Multi Protection SPF50 PA+++ (Translucent)
This organic physical sunscreen has the best formulation! 
This is the only sunblock that I dare say will never clog your pores! 
I mix a few drops of the baby pink tone sunscreen from the same range and spread it all over my face and it would immediately look like I have a primer on! 
If you're oily like me, the product does tend to go missing during mid-day so I'd recommend reapplying throughout the day! 
This sunblock also protects our skin from environmental pollutants!
This is the only product that I have been repurchasing for years and will continue to do so for the years to come! 

6. Eucerin DemoPURIFIER micro micellar acne and make up cleansing water
Another holy grail that I can never live without!!! 
This product is ideal for those with acne prone skin! 
It really does remove acne with consistent usage! 
I have noticed clearer skin with consistent use of this product. 
As soon as I switch out for other products, I'd notice blackheads and whiteheads formation on my skin again! 
It does not clog pores and it's absolutely effective without damaging the skin's barrier! 
Anyone with acne-prone skin should try this out and see how it transforms your skin within a month! 

7. NIVEA White and Firm Serum
Bought this when this was released last year and gave it a shot. 
Noticed perhaps, a firmer looking skin at my pits. 
But then again can't be sure if it does work as I don't normally stare down my pits to check on its elasticity. LOL. 
But it does its job as deodorant pretty well! 

8. Mane N Tail Deep Moisturising Conditioner
My S.O.S conditioner when I felt like my hair was falling apart! 
Many have said that this range of products have the ability to make your hair grow longer quicker. 
That may explain my super long hair within a year's time.
But that aside, it does its job pretty well as a conditioner. 
Not groundbreaking or anything.
And it doesn't smell amazing or anything like that. 
Don't think I'll repurchase this in the future.
But I love their shampoos! 

9. L'OREAL Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
Bi-Phase eye makeup remover is something I can't live without as I wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis. 
This product is great at removing anything waterproof while being really gentle on the eyes. 
I use an old 50 cents size on a cotton pad and place it over my eyes for a couple of seconds before wiping off the eye makeup. 
It requires a few swipes to get the really stubborn Japanese mascara completely off, but for the usual waterproof grade, one swipe and it's all clean! 
I would definitely repurchase this one! 

10. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus
My Holy Grail moisturiser which both hydrates and treats acne! 
I love this product for everyday use! 
It's not hard to tell my love for this product isn't it, especially when I ripped off the tubes to make sure I get every single drop of the product out of the tube! 
It contains salicylic acid to target clogged pores, and Niacinamide and other compounds to diminish the appearance of pigmentation with consistent usage. 
It's very lightweight and non-pore clogging. 
I use it in the day before my sunblock. 
I do notice an incredible difference when I use this product consistently and when I am not. 
The drawbacks are: 
a. Can't get in Malaysia
b. It's so pricey for 40ml! 

11. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Tinted Gel
This tinted eyebrow gel is my daily essentials! 
Many have been asking me how do I lighten my brows while and hold my brows in shape all day, 
and my answer to any brow related question is always this product! 
It comes in 6 shades to suit any tone of hair colour you may have! 
It is very pigmented and it applies very easily. 
You just have to comb in the opposite direction before brushing them at the direction of your brows and voila! 
Bushy, coloured brows in seconds! 
You can get this product from Watson's! 

12. Rohto Dry Aid Eye drops
Rohto comes in two different variants in Malaysia, 
one with minty effect, can be used even with contacts on, 
and this, to relieve dry eyes, without contacts on. 
This does provide a ton of moisture to my eyes. 
My eyes always feel extra relaxed when I use this at the end of a long day of having my contacts on! 
It has a really small dropper to control the amount that comes out each time, makes precise application such a breeze! 

13. LUSH Lip Tints
The purple one is a holiday limited edition, whilst the Sunkissed is from their standard line. 
I love the long lasting colours these lip tints provide. 
But the pink one was too pale for my liking. 
I would however not be re-purchasing these products because it is too expensive for what it is. 

14. Maybelline Baby Lips
Chapped lips saviour! 
Each time I pick up a new tube after not using it for a while, I'd start questioning myself for not consistently using it. 
It is everything you could ever ask for in a lip balm, 
it smells good, it moisturises, it plumps the lips, you don't need your hand to apply it, it has pretty packaging, it's lightweight and it's affordable! 

15. Clarins Gentle Cleanser and Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Both of these are in deluxe travel sizes!
The green one on the left is great for oily skin!
It has cotton seed for deep cleansing purposes. 
The first time I used this product, I was blown away. 
I noticed clearer skin within a week and it prompted me to buy the full-size right away. 
I love the orange tube for the night time, on alternate days, where I needed help to get my dead skin cells off my face. 
It is very gentle and it does the job well! 
These two are still my go-to's today! 

16. DUAC
This is a prescription spot treatment. 
It contains benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic (clindamycin). 
This stuff dries out acne and kills bacteria like no other! 
However, due to its powerful active ingredients, this does cause peeling after using it for a few days continuously. 
Also, because of how strong this product is and its tendency to cause irritation, it's recommended to use only once a day. 
This product is not easily available but it's a spot treatment that I swear by! 

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