WD-40 Grand Launching Event and Expansion in the South East Asia!

WD-40® Multi-Use Product, the well known do it all product is expanding in the South East Asia region! 

WD-40®, one of the most widely recognized and trusted US brands in the world today, is determined to create the similar awareness across South East Asian population, especially Malaysia! 

To do so, Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd was appointed as Malaysia new marketing distributor for WD-40 Company
Today, WD-40® will not only be known merely for its signature blue and yellow bottled multipurpose lubricant! 
Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd is also introducing some of the iconic products to the Malaysian market, including the most popular the WD-40® Multi-Use ProductWD-40® Specialist™ and WD-40® Bike.

Mr. Marcus Chen, the Regional Director of WD-40 Company couldnt't contain his excitement for this collaboration as it marks the rapid expansion of WD-40® products into the Southeast Asia region.
Mr. Wong Kian Wah, the Managing Director of Bun Seng Hardware Sdn Bhd also reciprocated with anticipation that this collaboration is sure to be a fruitful one!

For more info about WD-40® products,
head over to WD-40 Asia website,
or like their Facebook page to keep yourself updated on their latest release.

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