White Elephant Spa - Authentic Thai Massage Spa

Having tried almost every type of massages available in the world, 
I can now firmly say that, 
Thai Massage is hands down the most rejuvenating massage ever! 

Whenever I am feeling exceptionally lethargic
or even when I noticed a reduction in my joint mobility
when my mind is in a constant rush,
and basically when I feel like something's not right with my body but can't pinpoint what's the cause, 
I can always count on a 90 minutes traditional Thai massage for an instant invigorating effect.

The avid readers of this space would have known by now that my favourite Spa center of all time is the one and only Thai Odyssey.
No other spa centers could top their sterling service, tranquil ambiance, skillful therapists and strategic locations.
Of course, all of these add up to a relatively higher price point.

If budget has always been your only concern,
I am here to provide an alternative,
The White Elephant Spa,
which is also the brainchild of the Thai Odyssey group.

Despite being absolutely bank-account-friendly,
The White Elephant Spa premise is anything but shabby!

The White Elephant Spa has the ambiance reminiscent of Thai Odyssey's-
the spacious lounge area featuring signature colourful throw pillows,
therapeutic aroma dissipating the entire premise,
soothing music in the background,
immaculate surroundings,
attentive and charming staffs
and the icing on the cake is the incredibly affordable price tags!

While it's possible to pop down on a whim and try your luck to squeeze in a quick rejuvenation therapy (think 30mins upper body massage during lunch break), I'd however, highly recommend booking in advance (it's always fully booked!) and get your penny's worth by relishing in utter relaxation with the 2 hours traditional Thai massage.

Our Traditional Thai Massage session commenced with a quick but relaxing foot bath accompanied by a refreshing foot scrub.

 Once our feet have been washed and dried, we were led to our designated room.

There is a choice of single or double room depends on your personal preference.

Although fairly basic, each room is well-maintained and equipped with proper air-conditioning, a tiny chest of drawers to store personal belongings, a mirror, a clock and two mattresses laid on the floor.

Albeit being really affordable, The White Elephant Spa does not compromise on the hygiene front;
Fresh linen is replaced after each service, disposable towelette was used on patron's face and therapists made sure to wash their hands before touching our face.

We have managed to try out the 90 mins Traditional Thai Massage and a half an hour upper body massage on two different occasions, both of which incorporates elements of yoga with pressure-point work, therapeutic stretching and reflexology to revive your sense of well-being.

The service was, as you'd expect, splendid!
The therapists were skillful and well mannered.

The Traditional Thai Massage invigorated every inch of the body from the feet to our head.
Gentle yet firm pressure-point stimulation revived our senses and eliminated soreness simultaneously, whilst stretching improved flexibility and enhanced blood circulation.
The slow and rhythmic movement put us to sleep like how a lullaby would a baby.
Just a couple of minutes into the session, we were already completely unwound.
As it was almost impossible to defy the heavy eyelids as a result of complete relaxation, an irresistible quick nap ensued.

The 90-hour Traditional Thai Massage came to an end with the therapists worked their magic on our temples, and ultimately a few yoga poses incorporating the entire body.
A cup of warm tea was also served to re-hydrate our bodies before leaving us to change.

And what made everything even more enjoyable?
Is that all of these sterling services are priced at as low as only RM55 for 1 hour!
And if you need an extra hour of relaxation, it's priced at only RM75!
Such a bargain!

All in all, our experiences at The White Elephant Spa were magnificent.
Our frequent patronage is the best proof for how fond we are of their unobtrusive but dedicated service at The White Elephant Spa!

The White Elephant Spa
Address: S13, 2nd Floor, Centrepoint 3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact:  03-7710 7866

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