TAKSU gallery, Sentul Park and Balai Seni Visual Negara

I don't know why I didn't write about this earlier. This was the beginning of my rising interest in arts, any form of arts. 

I found out 3 exhibitions which were on top of the TimeOut KL lists and I thought we would check it out. First time going to art exhibitions can be a little awkward and lost. But we were so glad that we did it anyway, because experience grow with time, so as interest. Now, we (my sisters and I) are obsessed with arts.

So our first stop was a beautiful house turned into Art Gallery, TAKSU art gallery. It was quite challenging to look for this place, because we didn't expect it to be a house. When we arrived, we didn't even dare to step into it, because the door was locked and it was really quiet, as if no one was it. We took the plunge and pressed the doorbell, the manager of the gallery came out to greet us. 

The exhibition of that period was themed MEME. I have picked some interesting artwork to share with everyone.

They have a pool in the art galleryyyyy. 

 I love love love their interior design. 
TAKSU gallery is designed like a home, cosy and spacious, 
sufficient natural lighting and harmonious furniture. 
The homeyyyy design gives you an idea of how the painting would look like
hanging at your living space. 

I also read that there is an exhibition at Sentul Park. I have never been to Sentul Park so I was super excited when I walked around this beautiful park.... It wasssssssss soooooo artisticccccc.

 The Koi Pond! 
It was pretty scary to stand on thisssssss... 
Hahhhahaha. My sister was freaking out. 

 Simple yet amazing artwork with just bottles and dyes. 

 Anddddd this is AWAN! 
It doesn't look exciting becauseeeeeee... The bulbs were not lit. 
It would have looked more like a cloud if we visit it in the evening,
when the bulbs are lit, it would look like a fluffy cloudddddd.. 

 All the light bulbs are from Philips. 
And shame on me, there was a story to this artwork, but I have forgotten completely,
since this was super backlogged.

Anddddd our final destination was Balai Seni Visual Negara.

This is our national art gallery, which means it is constantly showcasing diff kind of artworks. But, I doubt we will see diff kind of artworks very frequently, because when we were there, the exhibition was supposed to be over, but they are still showcasing them.

And there were different sections, showcasing diff themes.

During our visit, the whole level 3 was also dedicated to Prof. Chong Kum Kaw. And guess whattttttttt.. Whilst we lost ourselves in the sea of art, we overheard a conversation between an old man and another old man, lol, and from there we assumed we saw Prof. Chong. But we weren't sure if it was him, because we have never seen him before. But we kinda followed him out while he was leaving, and he was greeted by another famous Malaysian artist and they requested for a photo together. I wanted to take a photo with him, but then I was also too afraid to ask for one, since I am an amateur in art and he looked as if he was rushing too. Oh well, such a shame that I didn't dare myself to ask for a photo, but boy I was lucky to have been able to see him in person.

And also, there isn't any artwork below that is belong to him, because we weren't allow to snap any of his artwork.

Expect to see more art gallery visit coming up!

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