Ippudo Ramen, Pavillion and Review of Truefitt and Hill, JW Marriott

I knowwww I am super late at this, but I finally got to try Ippudo Ramen. Hahahaha! Super outdated. Well the truth is I didn't know they have a branch in Pavillion and I kept going back to the same old trusty Ramen Shop at level 6 should I crave for Ramen. 

I guess luck were on our side because there was an ongoing promotion where you can purchase a set inclusive of 2 Ramen, 2 appetiser and 1 dessert at only RM88.00! BARGAIN! So that's what we went for. We have also added another bowl of Ramen, just so we could try out all the flavours available. 

 The appetiser comes in a set of 3. 
We get tofu, fried shrimp I think? and some vege. 

And here we have pork bunnnnn! 
Pork is loveeeee! 
And it tasted really good! 

My family members love a good gyoza!

 The normal creamy broth. 
It tasted okayyyyyy! Not quite as good as I would have expected though. 
But shoutout to the abundance of spring onionnnnnnsssss!

 This is the spicy one! 
Which also tasted all right. 
Not as spicy as my mum would love it to be. 

 And her we have the mildly spicy one. 
The broth was pretty much the same except that it's slightly spicy but not too spicy? 

I was looking lethargic that day! I have no idea whyyyyy! 

 Last but not least we have our dessert! 
We got two mochi, the filling was vanilla ice creammm!!
It wasssss realllllyyyyy goooddd and I love it to bits. 
It tasted better when you eat it with the strawberry. 

So, like I have mentioned above, I do not think that the ramen is out of the world or on par with my expectation. Guess it was because I had my Bari-Uma Ramen days ago which the taste wassssssss phenomenal. It's inevitable that comparison has to be done once you have tasted the best. 
And I must say Ippudo is nowhere near there. But, the deal was definitely worth the money! And generally, the price was okay too!  

So here I am also going to review one of the most lavish male hair salon in Malaysiaaaaaaa! 

It is none other than Truefitt and Hill, which is a renown barber shop from England. This is now the oldest barber shop in the world and its history has won it a Guinness World Record. And Yessss.. They still do the hair for the Duke. This was a Father's Day luxury gift for my daddy. I wanted my dad to enjoy the best service and relax himself as he was always working hard to provide. 

Please note that you would have to make an appointment beforehand and walk-in may not be entertained. I made an appointment at JW Marriot branch, for Royal Hair Cut (RM100), Head Massage (RM80) and Face Massage (RM80). 

I think the service was okayyyyy.. I don't quite like the barber that I have appointed, his name is ....... 
I just checked the website and found out that he's no longer working there. LOL. 
Perhaps you could pick Sam. 
He is quite an eye candy! Hahahahha! :P
I guess the service varies with barber? 
So make sure you pick a barber and make your appointment ahead of time! 

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