Grazia Cafe, JB

It was one of those chillax day where my family and I just chilled and did some leisure outing. We had a filling breakfast, and we went for a movie in the afternoon. We watched American Heist, which I thought was pretty good! I have never liked robbery movies, but this movie depicted perfectly the struggle of a person who was just released from a prison, and how the little brother struggled from living freely but yet obligated to help his brother. The movie was rather heavy for a chillax day though, so we thought we needed a cozy cafe to just chill out. 

I am a big fan of cute decor. And this cafe just won me overrrrrr! They have the cutest decor! BUT! Lol. A big BUT there was because most of the writings and doodles whatever not was in Mandarin. I think it's a JB thing though. lol. Once we stepped inside, not only we were greeted by really lovely decoration, we were also inhaling the aroma of the coffee deep into our lungs. It made a person who doesn't adore coffee much, wanted to try one. 

However, I picked myself Sakura teaaaa! It was written on the menu that it soothes the soul. So yesssss!

 And they served it in the cutestttttttt presentation! 
The little cookie there was delicioussssss! 
I still don't know yet why people often serve a small piece of cookie with tea or coffee?
But I love them! 

 And I ordered a homemade brownie! 
Which was superrrrr overpriced. 
I mean look at it, there's nothing there basically. 
Just a tiny weeny piece of cake, and a whole ball of ice cream.
That's all! 
And it costs RM20 or so. -.-

 And my sister gotten herself burgerrrrrr! 
Which again, was overpricedddddd.. 
These are all simple materials, 
they just fried them roast them and piled them. 
And it costs about RM30? 

But the decorrrrrrrrr!! Wasssssss lovelyyyyyy!!

So I guess there's nothing much to eat here, most people were here mainly for the ambiance and the wifi I suppose?

Ooppssss forgotten one thing, they are pretty famous for their coffee too! But since it was pretty late for a cuppa, that's why we didn't try that out.

Address: 80, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 7-559 6428

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