Vilaggio, JB

If you have read my first entry pertaining to this wonderful restaurant here, you should know that I keep my promise and I came back for the second time because that's how much I love this place. 

And this time, I made sure to come properly clad. LOL! I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in such a beautifully decorated place again. EVER. 

It was dinner time and the sun was still glaring. It gave me the perfect lighting for great outdoor shoots. 

 Ahhhh~ How I love love love their renovationnnnnn.. 
It makes me feel as though I am not in Malaysia. 

 This is the interior, which I failed to capture on my first visit. 

And now let's jump straight to the fooooddddd! 

 Saladdddd!! In need of vegeeeee! 
I loveeeeeeee sesame sauce. 
Can someone just buy 10 bottles for me already. lol. 
The simplest food to make, but it requires skills to make simple food tastes great,
and I guess I could say they have done well. 
It was good and it was finished under 3 minutes. OOppsss... 

 No meal is complete without a soup. LOL!
And we opted for, yet again, Pumpkin Soup. 
I should spare you from the benefits of pumpkin, 
but besides from the health benefits, 
I really love pumpkin taste, 
and their pumpkin soup met my expectation! 
It was especially tasty when you eat it with the breadstick that came along! 

 Lamb shank! 
Which my dad completely adored.
Sauce was good and the meat was tender and juicy. 

 My lamb chopppp! 
It was the bomb!! Soooo goodddd!! 
I like the sauce, and I like the lamb. 

 Ugghhhh.., Sorry for the lighting.
While the sunlight provides perfect lighting for outdoor shoots, 
it's such a pain to deal with when I am taking shots like this 
and I tried every angle to eliminate it to no avail. 
 Carbonara was super creamy as usual. 
Good and satisfying. 
Very filling too! 

Pizza, the pizza was a bit below our expectation if I am honest. 
The flour accumulated on the pan and man, 
it was an ordeal putting those flour into our mouth. 
We gave our feedback and we were informed that they have gotten a new pizza chef.
So, I guess we could expect really good pizza on our next visit.  

If this is not cute, I seriously don't know what is.
Hahahhaha. This was the special of the day. 
And it was super huge for a person's portion! 
Of course, roasted chicken, nicely roasted to golden perfection, 
less fat, less calories. :P 

Can we just take a moment to show our gratitude for the delicate drawings using different sauces? 
All the little details make the dessert more heart warmingggg!
In addition to looking good, it tastes really good too! 
Although I was really stuffed by the time I finished my lamb chop, 
I could still finish up the whole thing because it tastes AHHHH-Mazingggg! 

Fun fact: Lawyer Sk. Song is also a regular of this restaurant. So you know this restaurant is really up the par! ;)

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