WOLO Artist in Residence 2015

Today, instead of my usual food posts, I would like to document one of the art event that I have attended way back in June. 

I was not entirely obsessed with arts back then, but all thanks to TAKSU and their awesome artwork, I have started gravitating towards arts. Which explains why these days I would rather spend time in an art gallery rather than going to the mall, aimlessly walking and spending a fortune. LOL. 

I am more keen on painting kind of art, but this was utterly out of my comfort zone, as they were showcasing photography and short films. And only a handful of painting. 

 We were there early. 
And I was famished so I went straight to the finger food section and gulped down all the food. 
Shameless I know. 
But I was working whole day long and rushed to the event right after work. 
Additionally, the pastries were from Tous Les Jour, 
and they were yummyyyyy. 
So it totally justified my rather uncontrolled eating. LOL. 
It was a shame that I did not capture the beautiful set up. 

 This was one of my two favourite photographs! 
They don't even look like a photo I kid you not! 

 And this was Daniel Djamo, 
who was briefing us on this video. 
It was about a Romanian, 
who was prosecuted for smuggling drug into our country, 
he was waiting to face his death penalty in October/ November. 
Although he has been living in KL prison for a while now,
he hasn't got the chance to admire the beauty of the city, 
therefore he made this video
to give him an idea of the culture and the beautiful sceneries of this city.

 And then we had Jesus Palamino,
who was explaining his collection of photography, 
abandoned objects. 
He walked around the streets of KL and snapped some of the abandoned objects that fascinated him, 
and turned them into a collection. 
He even printed out and distributed to everyone interested. 

 This was another favourite of mine! 

It was really really an honour to get to know them personally. They are so down to earth and humble, and they are very knowledgeable and willing to share. We had an amazing evening talking and laughing about all sorts of things, and we were also lucky to get their autograph.

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