The Smokehouse, Bangsar Telawi

 If you're looking for a lovely place which exudes old English charm, but you can't decide if you were more in the mood for English or Thai food, look no further because I have just found the perfect place that fulfil all the expectations above.

The Smokehouse has came a long way from its debut in Cameron Highland, followed by another one in Fraser's Hill, in a nice villa. Later, they have decided to expand it to the land, lol, so that all of us get to enjoy good food without the need to travel hundreds of miles and don't get me started on the motion sickness on the way to the hill top.

Ohhhhh.... I am obsessed with the decor, I have always love English decor, especially the vintage ones. it is romantic and classy, without feeling that the lush surrounding would suffocate us.

 My two sisterssss! 

 My mocktail! 
It was watermelon and orange and berries. 
It wasss gooodddd! 
Very refreshing! 

We started with appetisers, and all these Thai appetisers were strongly recommended.
Plus point, the chef for Thai food was a former Rama V chef so you can't go wrong with all these Thai menus.

 Chor Ladda (RM 15)
Which tasted really good. 
Reminds me of Vietnamese food a little. 
It is a dumpling with Minced chicken and peanut filling.
Taste really good. 

 Mieng Kam (RM 15).
Which is a mixture of nuts, onions, anchovies, cucumber, 
you should add a bit of sauce and chilli to your liking, 
and eat them! 
My mum loves this to bits, 
because it was really hot and the sauce just added a great flavour to all the greens.

 Grilled Mushroom with White Wine Sauce (RM 15)
Where the mushrooms were cooked with white wine and garlic... 

That served with so many sides we were rather confused. 
But the soup was thick and flavourful. 
And everything else was a bonus. 

 Roast Lamb Shank (RM 32)
One of their famous dish, 
and my personal favourite because it's lamb! 
It has a bit of tangy flavour, 
which is perfect for people who can't endure the lamb taste. 

 Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM 28)
Which was also a hit. 
The pastry part was buttery and fragrant, 
and the soup was thick and creamy. 

 Meat platter. 
My dad loves a lovely meat platter.
You get all the meat in one plate, 
and they were all roasted to perfection.
What more can you ask for? 

 My mum preferred Thai food, 
but she couldn't decide, 
so the staff recommended this to her. 
Which was good, 
but my mum doesn't like the fried noodle. 

 Dessert, pumpkin pudding. 
Which was recommended. 
It was really special. 

 Mango sticky rice which came in a huge portion 
and it was so worth it. 
The mango was sweet,
the rice wasn't too sticky. 

It is definitely a great place with awesome ambiance and awesome food, the price was satisfactory and the service was sterling!

Address: 67, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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