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I am back again with another Chinese Restaurant. Increasing exposure to a variety of upmarket Chinese Restaurant has made my heart for my roots grown fonder. I used to have a tiny bit of disdain towards chinese restaurant because I grow up eating mostly Chinese cuisine all the time. But now that I have tasted quite a bit of different cuisine, I am slowly finding my way back to my roots.

Sorry for the digression and let's just teleport ourselves to the restaurant!

Noble mansion, a posh chinese restaurant under the Oriental Group of Restaurant, was newly opened in early January 2013 at Plaza 33 at Section 13 PJ and is set to be the most sensational new restaurant in the Klang Valley.
"Noble Mansion is a modern interpretation of a Chinese traditional mansion. The restaurant is divided into a few sections – The Lantern, The Bamboo Courtyard, The Terracota Rooms and The Grand Hall - to elevate your dining experience to the next level." - quoted from their website
Upon arrival, we were all startled by the amazingly beautiful decoration, knowledgeable and friendly staffs, we knew right away that our dining experience here was most definitely going to be a pleasurable one.

 Our first dish was Shark's fin simmered with shark's bone soup. 
It was rich and fragrant, 
you couldn't even taste an unpleasant fishy smell. 
The slightly creamy texture brings the soup to a whole new level of enjoyment. 
I have never thought shark fin could be cooked in such a way. 
Price : RM 888

 Abalone with goose leg and broccoli. 
I have never tried goose leg throughout my life, 
so this was definitely a great experience. 
Abalone sauce was cooked to perfection, 
the right saltiness that was able to maintain the abalone's taste without overpowering it, 
goose leg was heavenly. 
So much of collagen and was surprisingly pleasant to eat! 
I wasn't even worried it would leaves spots on my white dress. 
(Price: RM 300 +/-)

 Portugese Pork Ribs. 
It is, no doubt, rather difficult to eat pork ribs even if knife and fork were provided, 
therefore, gloves were provided! 
It was nicely grilled, 
and I wish I could decode their marinates, 
because the meat tasted really good! 

 It's served with lime juice to aid digestion. 
Refreshing, appropriate sweet and sour proportion, 
made us feeling less guilty gnawing those fatty pork ribs. 

 Longevity noodles, 
specially for the birthday boy, my dad! LOL! 
I have always loved longevity noodles, 
the gravy, 
the minced meat, and the noodle itself, 
I love them! 
However, it is always served when we were too stuffed to eat anymore. LOL!
Taste was great, noodle was nicely cooked, not too soft! 

 My dessert was the bomb! Mine was different because I am allergic to bird's nest! 

 And this is their bird's nest! 

I like the food a lot! And the ambiance was really great! Service was excellent, but they were in a hurry that day because they had to arrange the tables for a wedding reception that evening. But overall, I really enjoyed myself! 

The total price was more than RM2k. LOL! Which was quite scary I must say. But they do serve some normal food that doesn't cost a bomb! So, be sure to check out! 

2013       Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Awards
              -Best Chinese Restaurant
2014      Winner   HAPA Flavours Of Asia - Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2013-2015 Malaysian Series
               TOP 10    HAPA Restaurant Of The Year - Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2013-2015 Malaysian Series

Noble Mansion 
P1-01, Level 1 Podium, Plaza 33 
No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Tel: +603-7932 3288  
         012-938 2683 (Coco) / 016-902 1491 (Brenda) 
Fax: 03-7932 3988

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