Loon Sing Restaurant 隆盛佛跳墙酒楼

Although I love Western food to death, but I also love my Chinese roots so much that I couldn't ditch delicious Chinese delicacies aside. I FREAKING LOVE CHINESE DELICACIES. Period.

I am starting to love Chinese food when I discover more and more upmarket Chinese restaurants that have mushroomed all over the country these few years. It used to be just Overseas or Tai Thong, but now there are so many great restaurants that I could totally eat Chinese all day everyday, provided if I am actually that filthy. So... An indulgence once in a while should suffice.

This restaurant has a good reputation since it's opened and had reigned the most popular and luxurious Chinese restaurant in JB. The outside was all full of mirrors and it definitely looked posh. We were so curious how does it look like inside, and my dad who made reservation before hand, said it looks exactly like a night club.

I didn't believe what he said at first... But the moment I stepped into the restaurant. HAHHAHAHAH! I guess I could say it looks quite night club-ish.

 Me, sitting awkwardly behind a T-stage. LOL! 

Our food was served quite quickly, I guess it's because we have reserved and ordered all the food. 
So, not so much of waiting time, which is always a plus point! 

 Grilled Sea Salt Marinated Abalone.

 This is you, looking at an abalone lover. LOL! 

Just when we were done with the abalones, they served this adorable dish..

 It's Buddha Jump Over the Wall. 

 It has chicken, shark fin, scallop and abalone and mushroom inside. 
The soup was fragrant and rich! 
The ingredients were all fresh! 
It was really good! 


 Simple but so good! 
The lobster itself tasted very sweet and fresh,
and the gravy just complimented the lobster well. 
It blended in and it was just the perfect taste! 

 charcoal tofu cooked with pumpkin. 
PUMPKIN is love! 
So I love this dish! 
Tofu is rather tasteless, though grilled to perfection, 
the sweetness from the pumpkin added a relish to the dish! 
Very nicely done! 

 Deer meat. 
It was yummmyyyyy!!! 
One of the best meat in the world. 

We were super stuffed way before we even finished the meal,
we could barely move, but we just want to eat them all, 
because they are just so delicious! 

It was of course, very pricey. The total bill was RM1k. But the food was nice and fresh. And the service was sterling, though I am still disappointed by the fact that they promised us complimentary dessert during reservation but just forgot about it when we visited them.

If you are interested, details of the restaurant can be found below:

1, Jalan Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru Town, 81200
07-235 8933

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