Bari Uma Ramen, Jaya Shopping Centre

If you have read my blog here, then you should know that Bari Uma is one of my all time favourite ramen place. I love noodles, but I never quite like the idea of eating noodles that is dipped in soup. I despise the idea of soaking up my shirt and the sweat running down my temples like a deluge just for a bowl of noodle. If I am going to go through such an ordeal, that bowl of noodle has got to be worth all my effort. LOL. With this you know, this ramen place is definitely worth a visit, because 1) I don't mind sweating; 2) I keep coming back!!!

 We were all in cheery mood, and we got our new clothes on, 
because it was CNY! Yeayyyy!! 

 You could probably tell from the picture that this place was silent. 
There wasn't any other patrons other than us,
which was a plus because we got to pick whichever seat we wanted. 
And undoubtedly, the service would be rapid. 
But I am really surprised that after about a year now,
this place hasn't gotten the attention of the public. :\

Anyway, let's jump right into the food.

 Bari Uma salad (RM15.90)
which could easily becomes one of my favourite salad! 
Will you just look at the egg!!! 
So soft and runny in the middle, 
with generous drizzle of roasted sesame dressing, 
went really well with the raw vegetables. 
It was really refreshing and tasty! 

Ajitama-Uma (RM25.90)
Pork flavoured shoyu soup
“Ajitama” with thick-cut flamed chashu.
I can't resist the egggggggg!!
The egg from ramen place is a must-eat!
I really love their thick soup,
and handmade noodle.

 Nori-Uma (RM25.90)
Pork Flavoured shoyu soup with
thick-cut flamed chashu and seaweed.
The soup was really thick and the handmade noodle was springy! 
Bamboo shoots and spring onion added extra tastes to the soup. 
And the chashuu was soooo goooddd!! 

If you haven't tried out their ramen yet, drop by Jaya Shopping Centre or Mitsui Outlet Park and give it a taste! I personally really love it! hmmmm... When is my next ramen feasting?

Jaya Shopping Centre
L3-11, Level 3, Jalan Semangat
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation hour: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03- 7932 2958

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