Best foundation for Oily skin: The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit Foundation

Winner of the 2017 consumer beauty award for the foundation category and the most heavily discussed foundation over the summer of 2017, does it live up to its hype?


Marketed as a foundation that lasts as long as ink and feels as light as liquid, this glass-bottled foundation packs a punch!
The highlight of this foundation includes:
- the lightweight texture that adheres incredibly well onto the skin leaving skin looking flawless
- comes with different undertone to perfectly match your complexiion
(i.e. pink pigments to brighten skin or translucent blue pigments to even out skin tone)
- It also has an SPF of 30 and PA++, keeping your skin protected from both UVA and UVB rays
- keeps skin well hydrated throughout the day

Personally, what sold me to this product was the key ingredient:
PANTHENOL aka Vitamin B5!
If you haven't already known, Panthenol is a water-soluble vitamin that is able to penetrate the skin in the deepest layer to constantly hydrate, soothe and promote wound-healing. It also acts as a humectant, which helps to draw and attract moisture from the surrounding into the skin.
Basically, you can count on Vitamin B5 to regenerate healthy skin tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve itchiness, redness and even pain.

And that's what makes it an ideal foundation for even the most sensitive skin, including acne-prone skin (aka me!).

I was pleasantly surprised by this series of base makeup!
I personally look for a medium build-able coverage in my foundation but one that doesn't settle into fine lines.
I also love a luminous dew on the skin which allows my skin to peek through despite the high coverage.
I know, I am setting myself a mission impossible as more often than not, high coverage foundation always end up looking cakey on the skin.
It's especially more challenging when it comes to my oily, acne prone skin,
my effort to look glowy and dewy always end up in a horrible oil mess that the US will plan its invasion anytime. (LOL)

While I thought I was hopeless in the world of the foundation, I turned to K-beauty and was ecstatic to stumble upon the "skin-changing" The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit Foundation which ticks all the boxes on my search of the perfect foundation! It is truly a foundation where the fitness, lastingness, and coverage is all well balanced!

InkLasting Foundation Slimfit (18) N203 (RM88.00)

Here is a picture of how my skin look like when half of my face had the foundation on:

The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit liquid foundation is very lightweight and has a slightly runny texture to it, which was not what I was expecting.
I dispensed a full pump onto the back of my hand thinking that these may not be enough to cover my entire face provided how liquidy it was and, boy was I wrong!
I applied a light layer all over before layering the second layer to build up coverage onto my areas of concern and I still had a lot of product left!
So I guess a little does go a really long way with this foundation!

I use a wet beauty blender kinda sponge for application.
P/S. You can now own the Ink Lasting Beauty Blender for FREE if you purchase the Ink  Lasting Slim Fit Foundation both online and in store! 
The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit Foundation applies on lightly and smoothly with a pretty good coverage!
It lightly brightened my skin and created an illuminating look without settling into the nooks and crannys on my face!
It also evens out my skin tone really well without clinging onto dry patches.
My years of battle with acne has left some unsightly skin texture on my skin and this foundation worked really well at smoothing out enlarged pores and texture even without the usage of primers!
In spite of its amazing coverage, this product honestly feels like second skin!
It provides substantial moisture to the skin thereby providing it a luminous glow and it does not look cakey or flat-out matte at all!
If anything, it provides a semi-matte, satin and velvety look and touch to the skin.

I have heard some people mentioning that this product leaves a tacky feeling on the skin and had to be set with powder, but weirdly enough, it worked really well on my oily skin!
To test the longevity of the foundation and also because I really adore the glow it gives, I skipped powder altogether.

Surprisingly, this product held up incredibly well on my oily skin!
Not only did it manage to keep my sebum under control, the product also did not break up into patches even after 8 hours!
I did attempt to blot my face several hours into wearing it, but the sebum production was so minimal that's actually negligible!

In the aspect of colour match, the Koreans are obsessed with skin tones (i.e cool, warm, neutral etc.).
I got the neutral skin tone ones and it matches my skin really well.
It provides a very natural brightened look without emphasising the yellow tones on my skin and dull appearance.

InkLasting Foundation Slim Fit To-Go N203 (RM111.00)

If you lead a hectic lifestyle, or if you're constantly on the go and need to look presentable, or if you're a frequent traveler who hates having foundations exploding in your suitcases,
the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit To-Go will be the best complement to your lifestyle!
It practically has the exact same formulas as the Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit, just different container!

The Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit To-Go comes in a see-through plastic container which practical and compact. It is lightweight and has a relatively thin case in comparison to an ordinary cushion foundation.

Upon pressing, the product will be dispensed onto a hygience plastic "palette" for easier application with the cushion puff!
As it is a dry, wipe-clean sort of surface, the risk of bacteria multiplying on the cushion is greatly reduced!

I love throwing this into my purse and use it for touch-up purposes anywhere, anytime, on a day to day basis.
This incredible and lightweight formula layers really well on top of each other without causing any unsightly ball up/ cake-up situation on the skin. 

Similar to the Ink Lasting Slim Fit Liquid Foundation, this foundation applies like a second skin and the usage of a cushion puff makes the foundation applies even better whilst providing a luminous glow.

Oily skin girls will know the struggle of finding a budge-proof cushion foundation.
But you really do get the best of both worlds with The Ink Lasting Slim Fit To-Go Foundation as you will not only be able to enjoy the convenience of a cushion foundation, as it's practically a liquid foundation, it tends to last so much longer on the skin!
Its formulation that contains airy pore powder has been really effective at sebum control too!

I have also done a test to see how sweat-proof or water-proof both of the products are.
Such criteria is important especially for us who lives in humid weather.
Our foundation needs to hold up regardless of the weather!

As you can see, neither did the water disrupt the even application, nor it has transferred when I patted the skin dry with a towel!
Rain or shine, this foundation will not disappoint!

The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit Foundation and The Face Shop Ink Lasting Slim Fit To-Go Foundation are both now available at all The Face Shop stores and on their e-stores!
Try out for yourself and witness the magic of this game changer!

The Face Shop e-store

For more info about The Face Shop Malaysia, head over to:

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