From Full Face of Acne to Clear Skin within a month - Clear Acne Treatments

 I had never ever been confident leaving the house bare skin since high school times. 

I remember being so envious of my peers in high school as I look at their porcelain skin, which was so easy to maintain, some even did not apply any skincare products and was merely washing their face with cleanser and they had the smoothest, poreless, glowy, fair and radiant skin. 

Every time I saw a mirror, I would look away because I did not want to be reminded how awful my skin looked. Basically, this went on for years, in fact over ten years now, and dare I say, I am finally getting the hang of it. I now begin to love my skin, although they are still far from perfect, I am already beyond grateful for having such stabilised skin condition. 

Long time friends / followers of mine, would have known about my frequent visits to the dermatologists, I have tried everything a dermatologist could do with a case of severe acne, oral antibiotics, adapalene cream, benzoyl peroxides with various concentration, harsh drying face wash, roaccutane, you name it. 

I had practically tried everything. My acne would go away for a few months or so, and came back in full force, so it's fair to say I have gone through countless cycles of "okay" skin days to full-fledged cystic acne breakout, and it's a vicious cycle! 

This all changed when I started going for facial treatments regularly. And here I am not talking about just any facial treatments, I am talking about non-invasive lasers! 

I have been getting my lasers done at Laser Facial at Sunway Geo for over a year now, and I have only good things to say about them!!!! 

Unlike usual facial centers which are solely operated by beauticians, Laser Facial is backed by a dermatologist, and all of the staff undergone intense training before they were allowed to administer treatment on their customers. They also have a comprehensive regime to tackle all kinds of skin issues, and for myself, I would always opt for their 4 step cleansing routine which is designed for Oily and Acne-prone skin. I wouldn't say my choice of treatment regime would suit anyone, because there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to facial treatments. Speak to them, get your consultation done and they would recommend the best regime for your skin. 

In the initial phases, you would have visit them on a weekly basis, and you could slowly cut it down to a fortnightly visit and subsequently 3-weekly and monthly, based on their consultants' discretion. I have gone through all of those intensive and progressively less intensive phases and now I am pretty much on the maintenance phase where I only need to visit them once or twice a month to get my skin thoroughly cleaned and target areas treated. 

I know most of you must be wondering what does the 4-steps acne clearing regime comprises of, hence why I have made a video for easy explanation.

Watch the video below to get a clear idea of what's happening during the process.

I highly recommend that you head over to Laser Facial to get your consultations done! First timers introductory prices are available so don't be afraid and get your skin problem sorted now! Oh, if you're worried about pushy beauticians, rest assured that they are nothing like that. My 1 year of experiences with them had only been pleasant ones. 

Feel free to leave me comments down below and I shall answer any of your questions.

And NO! This is not a sponsored post, just genuinely sharing because it made so much of a difference to my confidence level and I want all of you to be able to feel the same! 


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