Casual Romantic Restaurant - Titi Fusion Sri Petaling, Valentine’s 2022 set menu

 Here comes the annual “headache” for all men in a relationship, the sweet but daunting Valentine’s Day. It’s very difficult to find an all-rounder which ticks all the boxes, you want reasonable pricing but you want delicious food, you want romantic ambiance but you don’t really want to be seated all night feeling awkward and pressured amongst all the other patrons, you want somewhere chill but you fret that the place does not live up to the Valentine’s celebration kinda settings. 

What if I told you that there exists such place that ticks all the above boxes? Please allow me to provide you with what I think is the perfect combo of the abovementioned, let me present to you Titi Fusion @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling. 

A combination of chill and subtle opulence, Titi Fusion Restaurant is segregated into two floors, where the lower levels exude more of a chill vibe, more suited for friends gathering; whereas the upper floor is the perfect layout for your date. Think white table cloth adorned with a pop of red (napkin), see through kitchen, dimmed lighting, classy table set up; it’s a glorious place but minus all the pressure. I don’t know about you, but this is the kinda place I like to visit with D, where we can still talk and laugh to our heart’s content. 

Titi Fusion is the symbolic bridge that brings people together. The name has its roots in Malaysia which means “bridge” to emphasise a point of connection where food meets people. Titi serves a harmonious array of creative Japanese and Western fusion dishes which are the brainchild of three renown chefs in the food scene, led by the head chef Soong Chee Heeen (over 7 years of experience in Japanese and french cuisine under the tutelage of Michelin-starred chefs in France and was in Nobu before joining BUTBO team) and Andrew Yeoh (20 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, specialising in Kaiseki, he is a five-time MIGF Award winner for Most Creative Food Presentation and a gold medalist for the Hong Kong Grand Cuisine) as well as the executive chef, Thomas Chan (over 15 years of international experience in Japanese cuisine, specialising in Omakase dishes, also award winner of the MIGF most creative restaurants and Most creative dish winner in the Hong Kong Grand Cuisine Award). 

And if you are unsure about what Titi Fusion has got to offer in terms of food choices and how to make up the most presentable night of food and drinks, Titi Fusion has specially curated a 5-course set meal which costs only RM 380 per couple. 

Just because Daryl is an absolute beef lover and I wanted to fully immerse myself in the ambiance and enjoying the full experience, thus we went all out with the top up for Wagyu M8 (additional RM110**) and House Wine Pairing (RM40**). But let me assure you, even without the top up, the set menu itself already has so much to offer. 

Here are the complete rundown of each dishes we have savoured: 

1. Welcome drink 

Pictured but not listed on the menu is - Passion Soda ; a refreshing passion fruit infused soda, a welcome drink. Sprinkled with salt on the rim of the shot glasses, sipping it directly from the shot glasses, deliberately taking in the fine salt sprinkled created an interesting combination of savoury and sweet taste, all in all an easy winner to appetise the patrons. 

Wine was served as we wait, we ordered a white and a red respectively. 

And the best thing about an open-kitchen concept (behind glass panel so fret not about smelling like food when you leave the premise!), you get to watch them prepare your food, I like having the peace of mind knowing all the food served to our table are handled with highest care and hygiene. 

The kitchen is busy preparing our V-day menu!

First on the menu, we have Salmon Carpaccio. 

Sashimi grade salmon with organic apple dressing, accompanied by root vegetable and edible greens. 

I highly recommend that you savour each bite of this appetiser and taking a balanced portion of the salmon, greens, caviar and the apple sauce because trust me, it will leave you wanting more. The arugula added a nutty flavour while the organic apple dressing added a sweet and just a hint of sour taste to the dish, ending things with a high note. By the time we took our last bite, we knew we were ready for all the food coming up on the menu. 

Showing you a little bit of the behind the scene as it’s important to know that each dish was freshly prepared in the kitchen in the hands of the chefs when order is made. 

Second dish, we had the Mushroom soup with Truffle. 

Cream of mushroom soup, accompanied by eryngii mushroom, pate of truffles and truffle oil. 

Well, albeit pieces of truffle is not seen slice onto your plate, but it is still no less aromatic and flavourful. Within the bowl, you will get a bed of truffles pate which is thick and absolutely aromatic, providing two ways of gastronomic experience, on your taste buds and through olfactory; big pieces of eryngii mushroom provides you with the extra chewy texture which I personally find really enjoyable when consuming something creamy. Make sure you scoop from the bed of pate to get the full truffle indulgence.
And here’s a noteworthy though minuscule highlight to the dish, the warmth of the soup was absolutely perfect, it was warm enough to be relished in full scoop, so you get to enjoy sips after sips without ruining the continuity or gastronomic experience. 

The two main course of our choice were: 

Herb crusted lamb loin 

Lamb persillade with miso ajipanca sauce, heirloom tomatoes, potato pave and roasted cabbage. 

In terms of presentation, it was splendid in every single way, the three layered ring gravy is an absolute eye candy, absolutely aesthetically pleasing; taste wise, it was a mixture of salty, savoury and a hint of slickness to it, not to the extent where it stops you from eating but just enough to add some excitement to the already flavourful and cooked to pinky perfect lamb persillade. Both D and I enjoyed the potato pave as it reminds us of pastry skin. 

D’s choice was Wagyu M8 

Pan seared Australian M8 Wagyu Boeuf jus reduction, grilled eryngii, potato pave and heirloom tomatoes. 

Beef lover will tell you, you don’t need any beautifying to a well cooked beef, and the same applies here. D opted for medium cooked and it was tender and juicy, delicious on its own, just slightly dip the beef with the sauce to add more excitement to the beef. Again, the potato pave was a pleasant surprise. 

Up next we had the Angel hair prawn bisque. 

Angel hair with veloute of prawn bisque, accompanied by Japanese red prawn and caviar. 

I wouldn’t call myself a prawn lover but when this dish was served, I couldn’t resist myself when this dish was served. This is the perfect combination for all seafood lovers, you get the absolutely aromatic but distinctively al naturals sweet taste extracted from shellfish and prawns, it is definitely something that the MSG cannot recreate; the noodles was al Dante, each string of the angel hair is fully coated and covered with the prawn bisque, it was such a joy to eat them! 

And sweet Valentine’s date will not be complete without a dessert, and Titi Fusion is offering not one but two desserts, one for each of the individual or you could share them because they are both different. 

Genmaicha Panna Cotta 
Roasted Brown rice Panna cotta with Japanese dark sugar syrup, accompanied by caramel macadamia and puffed wheat. 

Matcha Tiramisu 
Bailey’s cream, espresso, mascarpone and yuzu 

If either one of you have a bigger sweet tooth then the genmaicha Panna cotta would be your ideal choice of the dessert. But don’t get me wrong, the Panna cotta and the macadamia are both sweet but not too sweet that you won’t be able to finish the dish. The Panna cotta has a very strong brown rice aroma, which is unique, not seen anywhere else, and when paired with the dark sugar, it was a harmonious aroma blend; macadamia is very delicious and creamy on its own, but coated with the caramel, it tasted like a candy but much better. Matcha Tiramisu though was my favourite between the two, the marriage of slight bitter aftertaste with the sweetness and a hint of yuzu, it was an unexpected combo, but a surprisingly brilliant one. 

Overall, it was a pleasant surprise, a dining experience which has exceeded my expectation; I loved everything about this place and would definitely revisit them to try out the other dishes that they offer. 

Titi Fusion 
Address: 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur 
Parking: Park at the parking lot next to Moonlight Cafe (Titi Fusion is located at the same row of moonlight cafe, but the other corner lot of the row). 
Phone: 018-202 3973 

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