Luxury Chinese Restaurant in PJ: Luncheon at Noble Mansion

It was my birthday celebration two years back! 
It's really long overdue, but I thought since I really enjoyed the dishes and I still have all the photos with me, I might as well write about it and share the good food we had eaten that day!

If you haven't already known, Noble Mansion is under the giant Chinese Cuisine tree of The Oriental Group
Their restaurants are my ultimate favourites when it comes to Chinese Cuisine. 
They are excellent not just on the variety of dishes they serve, but also how innovative and daring they are when it comes to creating the new menu. 
Their restaurants are the ones you'd find interesting fusion dishes which still retain a lot of the Chinese element. 

Their restaurants make ideal wedding reception venues too! 

 We sneakily used the photobooth for a reception that was ongoing whilst we were there. 

The decor was a harmonious blend of contemporary and oriental. 
Posh settings from the ceiling to the floor, 
expect chandeliers, plush carpets, cushioned seats, weighted cutlery and sterling services. 

I clearly struggled to remember the names. 
But they always have a few set menus which suit every budget and different tastes. 

Bite-sized abalone that was soft and chewy. 
It was well juxtaposed on a pastry pie to add texture. 
The other side was cold pickled vegetables with sauce. 
A luxurious yet appetising dish to kick start our meal. 

Double boiled hot soup with chicken and assorted mushroom.
Perfect dish to warm us up as we were seated in a nappy private room where the airconditiong was in full force.
This was a new dish that we hadn't tried before despite our countless dining experience with the oriental group.
It was flavourful but nothing too overpowering.
Mushrooms and chicken added a touch of sweetness to the soup,
and what we adored the most was that the taste was genuine,
not artificially flavoured.

Spicy crab dish akin to Kam Heong style but better. 
Flavourful and tantalising to the taste bud, 
certainly an exciting touch to the other dishes which were stayed at the lighter side of tastes. 
Slightly spicy, but utterly delicious. 
Seafood was fresh and sweet on its own. 

A rather home-made yau mak. 
Though it was nothing out of the world, it was a comforting fibre rich dish to end the meal. 

Braised pork rice which was surprisingly good! 
Crystal-like rice which was squishy and fragrant went absolutely well with the savoury braised pork. 
Quite a shame that it was served last when all our tummy were already filled to the brim. 

Lemongrass jelly. 
A cooling end to the meal. 

Complimentary fruit platter. 

And my vegan raw birthday cake from La Juiceria! 
Free from sugar, dairy, gluten, and flour,
this cake tasted surprisingly good! 

Can't wait to explore different menus from The Oriental Group on my next visit. 

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