Luxury Contemporary Chinese Cuisine at Tang Room, Starling Mall PJ

If you've read my previous blog post, you'd be surprised that, fast forward a year later, 
here's my birthday luncheon 2017. 


Anyway, back to the highlight of this post, 
the all new contemporary Chinese cuisine under The Oriental Group of Restaurants is now opened at the Starling Mall PJ

Having tried and loved all of the restaurants under this group, 
it would only make sense that I give this restaurant a whirl. 

Expect to queue for at least half an hour before you get a table, or reserve beforehand to avoid disappointment.
The exciting contemporary dim sum menu was one of the reasons patrons flocked to The Tang Room

Just like any of the oriental restaurants, the decor of Tang Room exudes understated opulence. 
The tall ceilings, the floor to ceiling window surrounding the entire restaurant and amazing lighting made this place looked absolutely spacious and inviting. 

Unlike our usual style, which we always opted for set menus, 
we decided to try out their a la carte options and find out what's the buzz all about! 
We ordered a mixture of food from the dim sum sheet and the menu. 

Crab Meat and Squid Ball in Sweet Thai Sauce (RM9)
Surprisingly comforting. 
Taste very much like home-cooked food, but with an elegant touch. 
The squid balls were fried to golden perfection, crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside. 
The placement of the squid ball on the sweeThaiai sauce allowed for maximum absorption and hence the enhanced flavour. 
An appetising dish to start a meal.

Poached Scallop with Okra in Chef's Special Sauce (RM28)
A cold dish, as my mum would call it. 
Like the name suggests, the sauce was indeed appealing. 
I couldn't quite put into words how it was, but it was really savoury with just a hint of spiciness. 
Scallops dissolved upon contact with the tongue, while okra retained its crunchiness.

Deep Fried Spare Rib Marinated with Red Wine (RM20 per pax)
Extremely flavourful, in a good way. 
It felt as if a bite on the spare rib released the red wine embedded within, 
we choked a little, but trust me, you get used to it after the first bite. 
The flesh clung to the ribs were tender and juicy despite being deep-fried, 
and the savoury and "spicy" taste from the red wine was a surprisingly delicious combo!

Zucchini topped with black truffle (RM18)
Yet another "cold dish". 
Black truffle sauce was creamy and exceptionally aromatic. 
The earthy aroma and strong taste paired really well with the otherwise really bland zucchini. 

Pan-Fried Radish Cake and French Bean with Teochew Spicy Sauce (RM9.80)
A quintessential dim sum dish that is a shame to be missed.
While you may think this is yet another ordinary pan-fried radish cake, 
one bite is all it takes to prove you wrong. 
Squishy on the inside and sturdy on the outside, the radish cake alone was jaw-dropping. 
The Teo Chew Spicy Sauce could be a little overwhelming for people who don't take spicy food, 
but it is undeniably a winning sauce! 
Spicy, savoury and "eggy", there's nothing I don't like about this dish.

Spinach in Superior Stock (RM28)
An intriguing twist to another staple Chinese dish. 
The broth was very much akin to a tomato soup with an extravagance of chopped cilantro. 
The sweet and sour taste will make you long for more,
but the oily film on the soup keep me from drinking too much. 

Prawn and Foie Gras Toast (RM28)
This was potentially the winner of the day! 
Innovative fusion dish that proves the chefs could do more than just traditional Chinese cuisine. 
Delicious on its own, the creamy foie gras made a wonderful pair with the crunchy toast underneath. 

Steamed Cod Fish on Salted Fish Meat Cake (RM78)
The only dish I thought was not worth the money. 
The steamed cod fish was pathetic, they were tiny and bony, and there weren't too many of them. 
The salted fish meat cake reminds me of the traditional steamed pork cake but more lavish. 
It's thin and juicy, flavourful but not pungent. 

We ended our meal with a refreshing lemongrass jelly. 

Tang Room @ The Starling Mall, PJ
Address: S232-236,  Level 2, The Starling @ Uptown,  No 6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
Tel: 03 - 7733 9866 
GPS: 3.1344,101.6221679

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