From yellow to Ash Grey by 90's Hairstyle, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

Ever since my first visit to 90's Hairstyle (link here), I have been struggling to find another hair salon that could give life to my hair. 
This time around, I have decided to try out ash tone hair which I am normally too intimidated to try, for fear that it would make me look like a witch.

Spoiler alert: My hair looked amazing after the hair colour transformation! 

If you're not familiar with 90's Hairstyle, they run a different promo on a monthly basis! 
So do like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram to find out their latest promo! 

Here's a photo of my hair before. 
If I had to use one word to describe my own hair, 
it would most definitely be hay. LOL. 

As I have about 2 inches of black roots on the top of my hair, the skillful hairstylist began my hair dye by colouring my roots first. 

My roots were then sealed with a cling wrap to trap heat in the subtlest way (to prevent excessive water loss from heating). 

About 20 minutes later, the hairstylist began working on the rest of my hair. 

The hair colour was massaged evenly into each strand of my hair before letting the dye does it work for about 20 minutes. 

After colouring, the hairstylist began with their mission to resuscitate my "borderline" dying hair. 

90's Hairstyle uses the most reputable hair treatment system from Japan, Milbon

 Step 1 of Milbon hair treatment works by bonding the hair cuticle, and allow moisture to penetrate into the hair as well as repairing the lipid layer CMC of the hair cuticle with Amino Oil.

Step 2 treatment utilises the hydrophilic water-based polymer to capture and maintain moisture in the hair from the roots to the ends with Moisture Veil component. 

They then used nano-vapour technology to introduce the hydration back into the hair cuticles and eventually locked in by the Milbon hair treatment system

Having super super long hair also compromised on the health of my scalp. 
To minimise irritation and sensitivity on my scalp, my hairstylist applied this cooling ampoule onto my scalp and massaged until it was fully absorbed. 
I really enjoyed the cooling and minty sensation this ampoule provided. 

Last but not least, to make my hair look healthier and more manageable,  my hairstylist snipped off the damaged and split ends of my hair. 

And the end result? 

Absolutely smooth and shiny hair! 
My hair looked extremely reflective and it was incredibly smooth to the touch! 

Here's a close up of my 3-tone ash grey hair! 

My scalp also looked really fresh and healthy at the end of the session! 

For those who are interested, make sure to check out their social media for their current promo: 

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