Affordable afternoon tea at Two OX French Bistro Bar, The Row KL

If you need a place for the perfect pretentious hideaway, 
one that makes you feel as if you've been transported to Europe, 
minus all the plane tickets, 
this place will do just that for you! 

Located in an atmospheric street, this French bistro though lesser known, is actually managed by the team behind one of the best French restaurant in KL, Maison Franchaise

This place instantly gets a nod from us as soon as we walked in. 
Well, to be perfectly honest, we were swooning. 
Navy tones with impeccable white; 
a mixture of dim lighting and natural lights, 
and stunning mural which instantly drew our attention to it. 
This place definitely feels like somewhere out of Malaysia. 
We would visit this place again just for its ambiance, 
but we were lucky that we did not have to do that, 
for the fact that they serve pretty darn good food. 

Just like a proper French bistro, 
this place does have the al fresco dining area and an indoor area which can then be further classified into bar seats, high stools and table, sofa/lounge area, romantic tables with dim light, 
and casual seating area with natural sunlight shining through. 
However, just like any other restaurants which utilises natural sunlight, 
this place can heat up in the afternoon, 
and it's usually too hot to be sitting under the sun on any normal day. 

We were here this day for their 
RM70 for 2 pax
Only available on every Saturday and Sunday From 2.30pm to 5.30pm

The high tea set came in a two-tier + a dessert dish, 
of which the top tier consisted of: 
Chicken Sandwich
Foccaccia with Trio of Dips
Scrambled Eggs with Fine Herbs & Smoked Salmon

While the lower tier comprised of: 
Scones with Butter & Jam

And on the dessert tray, you get assorted desserts: 
Lemon Madeleines
Vanilla Creme Brulee
Gateau Opera 
Tart Du Jour
Assorted Macaroons


For a start, the portions were pathetic. 
I can't believe that there was only one piece of scone while it was an afternoon tea set for two.
I am not sure about you, but personally, I'm always most excited for the scones
and knowing that I'll have to share the scones just breaks my heart. 
To be honest, the savory tier was pretty impressive, 
the flavours were just right. 
But then again, the portion was really too small for us to be able to properly enjoy them. 
The dessert tray though, was nothing but sweet. 
We felt like everything was too sweet for our liking, 
though I personally loved their Opera, madeleine and macarons. 
D and I couldn't even finish the dessert tray and we were already on sugar high when we were half way through. 
I wish they would've replaced the dessert with more savoury bits for us, 
we would've definitely enjoyed more. 

That said, please do not judge this place for their afternoon tea, 
you guys should definitely return for their proper dishes, 
which actually was what they're known for. 

Nonetheless, we still had a wonderful time catching up with my family members
and loved the ambiance there. 

Two Ox French Bistro Bar
Address: 54G & 56G, Jalan Doraisamy, Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2692 2233

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